Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright, an American clergyman, born in Liverpool, England, Feb. 24, 1792, died in New York, Sept. 21, 1854. His mother was a daughter of the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mayhew of Boston. In 1803 his parents returned to the United States, and he graduated at Harvard college in 1812. He was ordained in the Protestant Episcopal church in 1816, and became rector of Christ's church in Hartford, Conn., in 1819 assistant minister of Trinity church, New York, and in 1821 rector of Grace church. He was rector of Trinity church, Boston, from 1834 to 1837, when he returned to Trinity parish, New York, having St. John's chapel more especially in his charge. In 1848-'9 he visited Europe and the East, and again in 1852, when the university of Oxford conferred upon him the degree of D. C. L. He was elected provisional bishop of the diocese of New York in October, 1852, and was consecrated Nov. 10. He published a volume of charts (1819); "Music of the Church " (1828); "There cannot be a Church without a Bishop " (1844), a controversy with the Rev. Dr. Potts; "The Choir and Family Psalter," with the Eev. Dr. Muhlenberg (1851); "The Pathways and Abiding Places of Our Lord " (1851); "The Land of Bondage " (1852); and some volumes of sermons.

He also edited Bishop Ravenscroft's memoirs and sermons, and the life of Bishop Heber by his widow.