I. Dennis Hart

Dennis Hart, an American military engineer, born in New York, April 2, 1802, drowned in the Hudson river, near Stony Point, Sept. 16, 1871. He graduated at West Point in 1824, was appointed second lieutenant in the corps of engineers, and was made assistant professor of mathematics in the military academy. In 1825 he became assistant professor of engineering, and in 1826 was sent by the war department to study in Europe, where he remained four years. In 1832 he was appointed professor of military engineering, which post he held till his death. He received the degree of LL.D, from William and Mary and Dartmouth colleges and Brown univer>ity. His death was by suicide, during a temporary insanity resulting from his distress on learning that the board of visitors had recommended that he should he put on the retired list. He published "Treatise on Field Fortifications"' (1836); "Elementary Course of Civil Engineering" (1837; rewritten, 1868); "Elementary Treatise on Advanced Guard, Outpost, and Detachment Service of Troops" (1847; improved ed., 1862); "Elementary Treatise on Industrial Drawing" (1853); "Descriptive Geometry, as applied to the Drawing of Fortification and Stereotomy " (1864): and "Military Engineering: Part I., Field Fortifications, Military Mining, and Siege Operations" (1865), and "Part II., Permanent Fortifications" (1867). He edited, with additions, an American reprint of Moeeley s "Mechanical Principles of Engineering and Architecture" (1856).

II. Milo, An American Clergyman

An American Clergyman Milo, brother of the preceding, horn at Suffolk, Nansemond co., Va., May 24. 1819, dud in Baltimore, Sept, 3, 1870. He was educated at St. Paul's college, Flushing, L I., took orders in the Protestant Episcopal church m 1845 became rector of Grace church, Jersey City' in 1848, and two years later assistant minister in St. Mark's church, Philadelphia. He was elected professor of ecclesiastical history in the general theological seminary of the Episcopal church in 1851, a post which ho held for 13 years. In July, 1864, he became rector of St.' Paul's church, Baltimore. Dr. Mahan published -The Exercise of Faith' (1851); "History of the Church, first Three Centuries" (1860;: new ed., first seven centuries ,1872).Reply to Colenso " (1863); " Pal-moni, a Free Inquiry " (1803); and Comedy of Canonization" (1868). His works have been collected, with a memoir by the Rev. J. II. Hopkins, jr. (8 vols., New York, 1872-5).