Mathew Simpson, an American clergyman, born in Ohio, June 10, 1810. He graduated at Alleghany college, Meadville, Pa., in 1832, and received the degree of M. D. in 1833, but in the same year entered the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal church. In 1837 he was elected professor of natural sciences in Alleghany college, and two years later president of Indiana Asbury university, at Greencastle, Ind. In 1848 he was appointed editor of the " Western Christian Advocate," Cincinnati, and in 1852 was elected bishop. He has been especially active in the promotion of educational and missionary enterprises. During the civil war he was employed on important commissions, and delivered many addresses in support of the Union. In 1863-'4 he made an extended tour, studying the missionary status and wants of his church in Syria, European Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, and Scandinavia. He has been three times a member of general conference, and a fraternal delegate to the British Wesleyan conference and to various ecclesiastical bodies.

In 1875 he was appointed to visit again the mission conferences in Europe. His present residence (1876) is Philadelphia.