I. John Herman

John Herman, an English author, born in Exeter, Aug. 5, 1779, died April 25, 1844. He studied at St. John's college, Cambridge, but took no degree, on account of his being a Presbyterian. He practised in the court of chancery, was commissioner in bankruptcy from 1831, and published several volumes of chancery reports, and a poem, " Orlando in Roncesvalles." A collection of his "Poems, Original and Translated," appeared in 1841.

II. Herman

Herman, an English author, son of the preceding, born in Devonshire in 1806, died in London, Feb. 9, 1874. He was called to the bar in 1832, and subsequently appointed professor of political economy in Oxford university. He was made under-secretary of state for the colonies in 1848, and for India in 1859. He has published " Lectures on Colonization and Colonies" (2 vols., 1841-'2; new ed., 1861), "Historical Studies" (1865), and, in conjunction with Sir H. B. Edwardes, a " Life of Sir Henry Lawrence " (London, 1873).

III. Charles

Charles, an English author, brother of the preceding, born in 1808. He graduated at Cambridge in 1830, was select preacher before the university in 1838-'40, Hulsean lecturer in 1861, and Boyle lecturer in 1864-'5. In 1848 he became rector of Lawford, Essex, and in 1869 dean of Ely. He has published " Fall of the Roman Republic " (1853); " History of the Romans under the Empire " (7 vols., 1850-:62); "The Conversion of the Roman Empire" and "The Conversion of the Northern Nations" (Boyle lectures for 1864 and 1865); and a "Translation of Homer's Iliad " into English rhymed verse (2 vols. 8vo, 1869).