Sex - Medicines for females should not be so strong as those for males, therefore it is advisable to reduce the doses about one-eighth.

2675. Temperament

Persons of a phlegmatic temperament bear stimulants and purgatives better than those of a sanguine temperament, therefore the latter require smaller doses.

2676. Habits

Purgatives never act so well upon persons accustomed to take them, as upon those who are not, therefore it is better to change the form of purgative from pill to potion, powder to draught, or aromatic to saline. Purgatives should never be given when there is an irritable state of the bowels.

2677. Stimulants and narcotics never act so quickly upon persons accustomed to use spirits freely as upon those who live abstemiously.

2678. Climate

The action of medicines is modified by climate and seasons. In summer certain medicines act more powerfully than in winter, and the same person cannot bear the dose in July that he could in December.

2679. General Health

Persons whose general health is good, bear stronger dosee than the debilitated and those who have suffered for a long time.

2680. Idiosyncrasy

Walker will inform you that this long term meant a peculiar temperament or disposition not common to people generally. For example, some persons cannot take calomel in the smallest dose without being salivated, or rhubarb without having convulsions; others cannot take squills, opium, senna, etc., therefore ii is wrong to insist upon their taking these medicines.

2681. Forms Best Suited For Administration

Fluids act quicker than solids, and powders sooner than pills.