Mr. A, another photographer in the same town, arrived at his studio the same morning and took down the negative rack containing the negatives made the day before. These negatives were not frilled because made on Seed plates. They were not scratched, fogged or finger-marked, dense and contrasty because they were developed in the Eastman Plate Tank. They were perfect in every respect - clear, fine-grained and of beautiful gradation.

Taking up some previously retouched negatives - tank developed also - Mr. A proceeded to print. He, as it happened, also used developing out paper, and his solutions too were a little above normal temperature. The prints developed more rapidly than usual, due to the temperature of the developer, but not so rapidly that the development was beyond control. They were easily stopped at the proper depth and when fixed and washed were of beautiful tone and quality. No stains, no dark prints, no cold blue tones - all good prints, because the label on the box read Artura Iris.

There is no cause for depression of spirits in the day's experience of photographer A. Good work successfully completed means profit and multiplying by a number of days simply means increased, profits.

Such is the experience of photographers who fail to discriminate in the selection of materials and photographers who do use care in buying.

There is one complete line of photographic materials made for and sold to photographers who know the value of uniform reliability - photographers who have graduated from the B class to the A. This one line is, as you would expect us to say, our line, and your assurance of highest quality in photographic goods of all kinds is our signature on every label. This signature means that the product bearing it is the best that skill in manufacturing can produce - skill coupled with long experience and backed by perfected machinery and complete equipment.

Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro is making new friends every day. It is the cleanest and most practical form of pyro ever introduced. All dealers.

Now right now before the heavy fall business starts you should complete the set of pictures you are to enter in our 1910 Kodak Advertising Contest.

Perhaps you have pictures in mind that you have not as yet executed, and if such is the case there is no time like the present to make them. Perhaps you have not yet sent for information and the illustrated portfolio which will give you a clear idea of the class of pictures suitable. There is yet time to make the start but no further time for delay in getting started. Just 60 days left. The contest closes Oct. 1st.

In making these pictures bear in mind that the pictures that tell a straight-to-the-point story are best. Simple pictures will probably accomplish this purpose in the most direct manner, and pictures simple in composition are the easiest to make. No necessity to go to great expense in securing accessories, as too much effort in assembling and arranging detail will be apparent in the picture and if not perfectly done will detract from the general effectiveness of the illustration.

It will cost you very little to compete in this contest and your idea and illustration may be among those selected by the judges. See page 25.

Maple Leaf Enameled Trays Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 106

FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By The Sweet Studios Minneapolis, Minn.

The Only Condition

We make but one condition in our offer of cuts for the use of photographers.

It is obvious that two photographers in the same town would not care to use the same cut, and we are therefore obliged to limit this offer to one photographer in a town. It will be a case of first come first served. The first order from a city will be promptly filled. Succeeding orders (if any) will necessarily be turned down and the remittance, of course, will be returned. It is also obvious that we cannot, on account of the cost of the drawings, furnish any large variety of cuts at the nominal prices quoted, and therefore can offer no substitute cut. The thing to do is to get your order in first, as it would not be fair to give the man who happens to get in his order early one month, a permanent advantage; we shall book no orders in advance. They must always specify the number of cut wanted. These cuts consist of the illustrations only, thus making it possible for the printer to change the wording or the amount of space to be occupied by the wording if so desired.

C. K. Co., Limited.

Maple Leaf Enameled Trays Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 107

Proud day - when that first pair of "long pants" is worn!

Bring the youngster here - and preserve that "expanded chest" and self-conscious air for him to see a year or two from now.

The Pyro Studio

No. 156. Price, 50 cents.

bulletin: the eastman school of Professional Photography for 1910

Des Moines, Ia.................Aug. 23, 24, 25

Kansas City, Mo.................. Aug. 30, 31, Sept. 1

St. Louis, Mo.................. Sept. 6, 7, 8 .

Indianapolis, Ind................. Sept. 13, 14, 15

Columbus, O.................Sept. 20, 21, 22

Pittsburg, Pa.................Sept. 27, 28, 29

Aristo Motto

The Pyro Studio StudioLightMagazine1910 108

FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT - Demonstration Negative Eastman School Oaklahoma City, Okla.

The Pyro Studio StudioLightMagazine1910 109The Pyro Studio StudioLightMagazine1910 110


Established 1901


Established 1906

Vol. 2 SEPTEMBER 1910 No. 7

Do the people of your town know where you are located? Do they know that you make fine portraits? Tell them through the newspapers. Our advertising cut service has helped others - let it help you. See page 22 and send for the cut each month.

The Eastman Plate Tank has been accepted by progressive photographers as a perfect means of developing negatives and the most convenient method ever introduced. Are you with the progressives? Buy a tank and eliminate worry, dark room work and waste of time. The tanks are made in various sizes and are sold by all dealers.

Now that most of the crops are harvested and the farmers have extracted cash from the money centres, the process of distribution over the more thinly populated sections of the country will begin. All lines of business, including photography, will feel the effects in a brisk fall and winter trade.

Put plates of quality in your dark-room, paper of quality in your printing room, chemicals of quality on your shelves, and you are equipped to produce results of quality. Our plates, papers and chemicals are made and tested by experts before you get them, and our labels on the packages signify quality - known quality.

Once again - prepare for the fall rush. Not after your work room is filled to capacity, but now, while you have time to figure out your needs and equip yourself accordingly. The busy season approaches gradually. Don't be caught unawares and find yourself unable to handle it to the best advantage. Each year should find you with better facilities for handling work promptly than the year that has gone before.