The fixing bath as we to-day use it for Artura and Nepera is composed of Hypo solution to which is added a separately mixed hardener composed of alum, sulphate of soda and acetic acid No. 8.The Hypo, or to be technically correct we'll say Hypo sulphate of Soda, is as we all know the chemical active in dissolving the free silver-salts from the print.

The free silver is the part not acted on by the developer. This dissolving and removing of the free silver-salts is what we call fixing the image and making it impervious to further action of light. Hypo alone will fix a print, but the hardener solution is necessary as a clearing agent - to prevent stains and to harden the film of the print. The alum is used as the hardener.

The acetic acid is the clearing agent and clears both the fixing bath and the prints fixed in it. Without the acetic acid the fixing bath would be milky. The sulphate of soda is used to prevent the liberation of sulphur with the consequent sulphurization of prints referred to previously.

Any form of acid will attack hypo and liberate sulphur, and as both acetic acid and alum are present the sulphate of soda must also be present in sufficient quantity to prevent it.

To avoid trouble with your fixing bath mix it carefully according to printed formula, using chemicals as specified. It is especially important to use No. 8 acetic acid as stronger acid will destroy the balance of the bath.

Old or weak sulphate of soda should be avoided as the amount given by weight in the formula is just enough to prevent sulphurization.

By knowing and remembering the action of each chemical used in the fixing bath as set down in this article you will be able to properly balance your fixing bath or correct any fault in its composition.

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The girl graduate - the June bride - the summer girl - will be proud of their daintiness as expressed in a photographic portrait made by us. Expert posing and lighting enable us to produce portraits of merit - pictures that please. Make an appointment to-day bulletin: the Eastman school of Professional Photography for 1910


No. 153. Price,40 cents.

Joplin, Mo. ---------------- May 3, 4, 5

Wichita, Kan. ---------------- May 10, 11, 12

St. Joseph, Mo. ---------------- May 17, 18, 19

Chicago, III. ---------------- May 24, 25, 26

St. Paul, Minn. ---------------- May 31, June 1, 2

Winnipeg, Can. ---------------- June 7, 8, 9

Sioux City, Iowa ---------------- June 14, 15, 16

Cincinnati, O.---------------- June 21, 22, 23

Cleveland, O. ---------------- June 28, 29, 30

Buffalo, N. Y. ---------------- July 6, 7, 8

Aristo Motto

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FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By Baker Art Gallery Columbus, Ohio.

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Established 1901

The Artura Bulletin

Established 1906

Vol. 2 JUNE 1910 No. 4

The time, next month - the place, Milwaukee - the event, National Convention of the P. A. of A. Everybody else is going and you are wanted, too.An automobile publication states that Milwaukee brewers are installing new automobile trucks, thereby increasing the efficiency of their delivery service. Can this be due to efforts of the entertainment committee ?

The 1910 Advertising Competition closes October 1st. Full particulars and an illustrated Souvenir Portfolio of the 1909 prize winners will be sent to you upon request. Write to us in regard to it to-day.

You will remember that about six months ago you were in the midst of your Christmas rush. Was your equipment for handling it right? Were you able to take care of it properly? If not you undoubtedly know where your weak spots were - where the work crowded and piled up. Now is the time to strengthen those weak spots and get things in shape to run smoothly during the next rush.

The Seed Dry Plate is the plate you have always depended upon. The plate that produces results under conditions that with an ordinary plate would be impossible. It is high grade, uniform and reliable, possessing maximum speed and latitude.

If you are using pyro for your plates use the best - Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro. If you are not using pyro you will find nothing better than Enol-Hydro-chinon developer. Enol is a thoroughly reliable developing agent of remarkable vitality and when used in combination with hydro-chinon is excellent for both negatives and developing paper prints.