6. The Sub-Contractor shall and will proceed with the said work, and every part and detail thereof in a prompt and diligent manner, and shall and will do the several parts thereof at such times and in such order as the General Contractors or Architect may direct, and shall and will wholly finish the said work according to the said drawings and specifications, and this contract, in.................... calendar days from date and in default thereof the Sub-Contractor shall pay to the

General Contractors the sum of $....................for every day thereafter that the said work shall remain unfinished, as and for liquidated damages. The Sub-Contractor further agrees to have his materials and manufactured products ready, and to begin work at the building within three days from the time that the building is ready to receive such work.

7. The Sub-Contractor shall not cause any unnecessary hindrance or delay to other contractors on said building, and shall bear all damages done to the work of such other contractors by his employees. Should the Sub-Contractor be obstructed or delayed in the prosecution or completion of the work by the neglect, delay or default of the Owner, the Architect, the General Contractors or of any other contractors employed by them upon the work, or by alterations which may be required in said work, or by any damage which may happen by fire, lightning, earthquake or cyclone, or by the abandonment of the work by the employees through no fault of the Sub-Contractor, then the time herein fixed for the completion of the work shall be extended for a period equivalent to the time lost by reason of any or all of the causes aforesaid, but no such allowance shall be made unless a claim therefor is presented in writing to the General Contractors within twentyfour hours after the occurrence of such delay. The General Contractors shall award and certify, in writing, the amount of additional time to be allowed. The Sub-Contractor may appeal from said award to arbitrators constituted as provided in paragraph 3 of this contract.

8. The General Contractors will not, in any manner, be answerable or accountable for any loss or damage that shall or may happen to the said works, or any part or parts thereof respectively, or for any of the materials or other things used and employed in finishing and completing the said works; or for injury to any person or persons, either workman or the public, or for damage to adjoining property, caused by the Sub-Contractor or his agents/or by anyone employed by him. The Sub-Contractor further agrees to carry insurance for his own account of sufficient amount to cover any loss or damage that may become due on account of injuries happening to his employees, or to any other person, caused by or in connection with the operations of the Sub-Contractor under this contract, the policies therefor to be exhibited to the General Contractors whenever requested. The Sub-Contractor further agrees to deliver to the General Contractors within five days after the signing of this contract and before commencing any work thereunder a certificate from the insurance carrier showing the name of such company, the date of expiration of the policies, and the limit of liability thereunder, which certificate shall recite that five days' written notice will be given to the General Contractors, should such policies be cancelled or changed during their term. And the Sub-Contractor further agrees that he will, during the performance of this work, place proper guards around the same for the prevention of accidents, and that he will indemnify and save harmless the Owner and General Contractors, from any and all loss, damages or expense which they may sustain or to which they may be put by reason of injury to the person or property of another arising out of the performance of this work, or by, or on account of any act or omission of the Sub-Contractor or his agents; and the Sub-Contractor further agrees that so much of the moneys due under this agreement as may be considered necessary for the General Contractors, may be retained by the General

Contractors until all such suits or claims for damages as aforesaid shall have been settled. The General Contractors will not be answerable or accountable for violation of any letters patent or patent rights, or any infringement thereof by the Sub-Contractor, or by reason of the use by the Sub-Contractor of any art, machine, manufacture or composition of matter on said works in violation of any patent or patent rights or infringement thereof against all which injuries and damages to persons and property the Sub-Contractor having control over such work must properly guard and hold the General Contractors harmless and must make good all damage from whatever cause, being strictly responsible for the same. Where there are different contractors employed on the works, each shall be responsible to the other for all damage to work, to persons or property or for loss caused by neglect, by failure to finish work at proper time and preventing each portion of the works being finished by the several Sub-Contractors, in the time named in this contract for completion, or from any other cause; and any Sub-Contractor suffering damage shall call the attention of the General Contractors to the same, for action as laid down in paragraph 3 of this contract.

9. The Sub-Contractor shall, at his own cost and expense, apply for and obtain all necessary permits and the Sub-Contractor further agrees that all work performed and all materials furnished by him under this contract shall comply strictly with the laws and ordinances in force in the locality in which the building is erected, and that he will comply promptly with all ordinances, regulations, rules and orders of the city government and of any and all of its departments and bureaus, and that he will so perform said work and furnish said materials in accordance with such laws and ordinances, and so comply with such ordinances, regulations, rules and orders whether the work and materials for the same are or are not included and provided for in the plans, drawings and specifications; and all such work and materials made necessary by such laws, ordinances, regulations, rules and orders in order to complete the work contemplated in this contract, shall be performed and furnished without extra charge or expense to the General Contractors. The Sub-Contractor will be responsible for a violation of any of such laws, ordinances, rules and orders, and will indemnify the General Contractors for any loss or damage resulting to them by reason of any such violation.