Section 9. Poultry. All poultry kept on the farm shall be owned in partnership. Lessee shall be allowed poultry and eggs for family consumption only on this farm. The receipts from all poultry and eggs sold shall be shared equally.

Section 10. Dairy Products. The lessee shall be allowed milk for family consumption only on this farm. All other milk and milk products shall be shared equally by the lessor and the lessee.

Section 11. Buying and Selling. Buying and selling of partnership property shall be left largely to the lessee, provided, however, he shall make no purchases or sales involving amounts over $......without first obtaining the consent of the lessor.

An account for the farm shall be opened at the............

Bank the partnership name of..........

All partnership receipts shall be deposited to this account, and all partnership expenses paid therefrom by check. All checks for amounts over $......shall be signed by both parties.

Division of this account between the parties shall be made as convenient, and neither party shall check money directly from this account for personal use.

Section 12. Pasturing Stock for Outside Parties. No livestock not partnership, other than the lessee's horses, shall be kept on the farm, except that the lessee may pasture stock for outside parties with the consent of the lessor, the proceeds to be shared equally.

Section 18. Orchard. The lessor agrees to furnish a sprayer and the poison for spraying the fruit trees, and the lessee agrees to perform all the labor of spraying and pruning said trees. The lessee shall be allowed fruit for family use on this farm only, the proceeds from the sale of the remainder to be shared equally. The lessee agrees to protect the fruit trees from damage by stock.

Section 14. Tile. The lessee agrees to keep the tile outlets open and to replace broken tile, the lessor to furnish the material.

Section 15. Building Repairs and Fence Repairs. The lessor agrees to furnish the necessary material and the lessee to do the necessary work to keep the buildings and fences in good repair, except in the case of extensive repairs necessary to buildings to replace them in whole or in part following damage by elements or by unavoidable accident, or to remodel in such a way as to be in reality a permanent improvement to the farm, in which case the lessor shall pay for the work necessary in making such repairs. Help hired for this purpose shall be boarded by the lessee at a charge of......cents per meal.

Section 16. Hauling. The lessee agrees to haul to the farm any material needed for repair to fences, building or tiles, and to do all of the usual necessary hauling about the place free of charge. He shall haul to the nearest market, without charge to the lessor, all crops, livestock, or livestock products which are to be marketed.

Section 17. Manure. The lessee agrees to protect from leaching and tramping as far as is practical with the facilities which may be on the farm, all manure produced on said farm, and to haul this manure to such fields and at such times as will be most beneficial to crops and land.

Section 18. Weeds. The lessee agrees to cut all weeds, briers and bushes on cultivated fields, fence rows, ditch banks and road ways, and to keep same cut during each season.

Section 19. Assignment and Subletting. This lease shall not be reassigned by the lessee, nor shall he sublet any part of the farm without the written consent of the lessor.

Section 20. Enforcement of Performance of Agreement. If the lessee shall fail to perform any labor or fail to take care of the farm as provided in any of the covenenats of this lease, the lessor may hire others to perform such labor or repair the damage due to such neglect, and charge the cost of such labor or the amount of such damage, or both, to the lessee, the amount of such charge to become a prior lien on the undivided one-half interest in stock and crops of the lessee.

Section 21. Forfeiture and Arbitration. If the lessee shall fail to perform the labor or exercise.the care agreed upon to such an extent as to threaten or cause serious injury to crops, stock or farm, the lessor shall have the right to re-enter and take full possession of the farm, and the lessee shall peaceably vacate the premises. The differences between the two parties shall be referred to a board of three arbitrators, one to be chosen by each party and the third by these two. The decision of these arbitrators shall be final and binding upon the parties of this contract.

Section 22. Clover Seeded, Ground Plowed, etc. Upon the termination of this lease the lessee agrees to leave as much clover and alfalfa seeded, as much land in meadow, and as much ground plowed as when he took possession of the farm, this being understood to be......acres of clover,......acres of alfalfa, ......acres of meadow and......acres of plowed ground.

Section 28. Lessee to be Reimbursed for Limestone, Fertilizer, etc. In case of the termination of this lease before the lessee shall have secured the just benefits from any expense he may have in good faith put upon the farm, the lessor shall reimburse him to the amount such expense would benefit an incoming tenant.

If raw rock phosphate or ground limestone has been applied during this lease, the lessee shall be reimbursed by the lessor for his share of such limestone or rock phosphate still in the ground as follows:-if only one crop has been grown since the application the lessee shall receive three-fourths of the total cash cost of his share of such material applied; if two years' crops have been grown he shall receive one-half, and if three years' crops have been grown, one-fourth of said cost. In addition the lessor shall reimburse the lessee for that portion of the lessee's cost of hauling and distributing from which he has not yet benefited. This reimbursement for hauling shall be at the following rates per ton: if no crop has been grown since the application......for limestone and......for rock phosphate; after one year's crop......for limestone and......for rock phosphate; after two year's crop......

for limestone and......for rock phosphate; after three years' crops......for limestone and......for rock phosphate. No reimbursement shall be made for limestone or rock phosphate after four years' crops have been grown.

If acid phosphate, complete fertilizer, or other readily available fertilizer has been applied at the rate of three hundred pounds or less per acre, and one crop has been grown since its application, no reimbursement shall be made to the lessee for his share of such fertilizer, but if such fertilizer has been applied at the rate of more than three hundred pounds per acre and only one year's crop grown since the application, the lessor shall reimburse the lessee for fifty per cent of the lessee's share of the cash cost of such fertilizer in excess of three hundred pounds.

For applying barnyard manure, the lessee shall be reimbursed in full for a reasonable cost of. application (not including value of manure) in case he leaves the farm before a crop is grown on such manured land; in case one crop has been grown he shall receive one-half, and in case two crops have been grown he shall receive one-fourth, of the cost of applying such manure.

The lessee shall be reimbursed for any large amount of work or large expense put on buildings, fences, or other improvements, when failure to receive same would be a manifest injustice to said lessee.

From the reimbursement as determined above shall be subtracted $......which is agreed as the value, figured according to the above rules, of one-half of the fertilizer and lime unused in the soil, and of the cost of applying such material and applying manure still unutilized in the soil at the time the lessee takes possession of the farm. If this amount is greater than the amount the lessor should reimburse the lessee as determined above in this section, the two amounts shall be considered as balancing each other and no reimbursement shall be made.

The lessee shall present in writing his claim for all reimbursement upon the termination of this lease, and if no agreement upon the termination of this lease, and if no agreement can be reached the matter shall be submitted to three disinterested parties chosen as provided in section 21 of this lease. The decision of these arbitrators shall be final and binding upon the two parties to this contract.

Section 24. Final Settlement. Upon the termination of the lease all partnership property shall be sold at public auction or private sale, or otherwise disposed of to the best interest of the two parties.

Section 25. Accounts and Inventories. The lessee shall make a detailed inventory of all partnership property upon the first of each..........during the continuance of this lease. In making this inventory all farm feeds shall be valued at their market price, less the approximate cost of hauling to market. Purchased prepared concentrates shall be valued at purchase price plus cost of hauling to farm.

The lessee shall keep accurate accounts of all transactions pertaining to the farm business, using for this purpose, and for the inventories above mentioned, the Purdue Farm Record Book, unless he prefers some other system approved by the lessor.

Such inventories and accounts shall at all times be accessible to the lessor.

Section 26. Ingress and Egress. The lessor shall have the right of ingress and egress to all parts of said farm for any purpose not in conflict with the lessee's right of quiet enjoyment.

Section 27. In Case of Death. If lessee shall die during the term of this lease the lessor shall have the right to retake possession of said premises, to employ such labor as may be necessary to perform the work which the lessee should have performed, deduct the cost of such labor from the lessee's interest in the crops and livestock or from the proceeds to be derived from their sale, and pay the balance to the representatives of said lessee.

In witness whereof the said lessor and lessee have hereunto set their hands on of.........., 19...