Fourth Year - Sixth Grade.


Sewing box or envelope case.

Pin cushion - 30 pins.




Thread cards.

Practice Piece - Unbleached muslin 9"xl2".

Use No. 80 thread for machine work.

Order Of Exercises

Prepare Thread Cards - Cardboard 4"x4" - designed and cut for four kinds of thread.

Exercise No. 31 - Stocking Darning.

Exercise No. 32 - A Machine Practice Piece.

Exercise No. 33 - An Apron - Christmas Piece.*

Exercise No. 34 - A Lesson in Color.

Exercise No. 35 - Buttonholes.

Exercise No. 36 - A Trial Piece for the Back of a Petticoat.

Exercise No. 37 - A Hemstitched Handkerchief.+

Exercise No. 38 - A Round Holder and Case.

Exercise No. 39 - A Petticoat or Princess Slip.

Exercise No. 40 - Textile Fibers and Fabrics - Flax.

See Electives, page 49.

Detailed Description Of Exercises

Teach the yard measure and its divisions. See note under Exercise No. 35 - Buttonholes

Stockinet Darning.

Stockinet Darning.