44. Viola Subvestita Greene. Sand Violet

Fig. 2966

Viola canina var. puberula S. Wats. in A. Gray, Man.

Ed. 6, 81. 1890. Viola subvestita Greene, Erythea 5: 39. 1897.

Finely puberulent, stems several or many, spreading, 2'-6' long. Petioles longer than the blades; stipules linear-lanceolate with incised bristly teeth; blades commonly ovate. 1/2'-l' long, crenulate, obtuse, subcordate; peduncles slender, longer than the leaves; sepals narrowly lanceolate; petals violet, spur about 3 long, usually straight and blunt, but often with a sharp point abruptly bent inward; cleistogamous flowers and capsules often abundant in late summer; capsule 2 1/2"-4" long; seeds dark brown, nearly 1" long.

Sandy and sterile soil, Quebec and Maine, west to Michigan, South Dakota, and the Rocky Mountains. Referred in the first edition of this work to the European V. arenaria DC. May-July.

44 Viola Subvestita Greene Sand Violet 1309

45. Viola WÓlted House. Prostrate Blue Violet. Fie. 2067.

Viola canina Walt. Fl. Car. 219. 1788. Not L. V. Muhlenbergii var. multicaulis T. & G. Fl. 1:

140. 1838. Viola multicaulis Britton, Mem. Torr. Club 5: 227.

1894. Not Jordan 1852. Viola Walteri House, Torreya 6: 172. 1906.

Finely puberulent; steins several, leafy, bearing in early spring small violet-blue flowers in the axils of basal leaves, at first ascending, later elongating, becoming prostrate, and bearing through the season apetalous flowers on long slender axillary peduncles; stems often surviving the winter and sending up in spring from their tips rosettes of leaves and petalif-erous flowers, afterwards rooting and forming new plants; blades mostly orbicular, cordate, rounded or obtuse at the apex, crenulate, 3/4'-1 1/2' wide, often mottled with darker green bordering the veins; stipules bristly fimbriate, 3"-5" long; capsules purplish, ovoid-globose, 3" long; seeds brown.

Dry woodlands, Kentucky to South Carolina, Florida and Texas. Feb.-July.

46. Viola RostrÓta Pursn. Long-Spurred Violet

Fig. 2968

Viola rostrata Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 174. 1814.

Stems often numerous, commonly 4'-8' high; leaves orbicular to broadly ovate, cordate, nearly or quite glabrous, serrate, the upper acute or pointed; petaliferous flowers raised on long peduncles above the leaves; petals spotted with darker violet, all beardless; spur slender, 5"-7" long; cleistogamous flowers, with minute or aborted petals, appearing later on short peduncles from the axils of the upper leaves; style straight, beakless, glabrous; capsules ovoid, 1 1/2"-3" long, glabrous; seeds light brown.

Shady hillsides in leaf-mould, Quebec to Michigan, south in the mountains to Georgia. Beaked or canker-violet. June-July.

46 Viola Rostr Ta Pursn Long Spurred Violet 131046 Viola Rostr Ta Pursn Long Spurred Violet 1311