Herbs, or some species shrubby, with pinnate leaves, the stipules small or none, and bracted capitate flowers. Calyx somewhat swollen, persistent, 5-toothed. Petals long-clawed; standard and wings ovate; keel incurved, shorter than the wings, obtuse or short-pointed; stamens monadelphous, or the vexillar one distinct; pod ovoid, stalked or sessile, few-seeded, indehiscent, enclosed by the calyx. [Ancient name for some quite different plant.]

Twenty species or more, natives of Europe, Asia and northern Africa, the following typical.

15 Anthyllis Tourn L Sp Pl 719 1753 832

1. Anthyllis Vulnerŕria L. Kidney Vetch. Lady's-Fingers

Fig. 2490

Anthyllis Vulneraria L. Sp. Pl. 719. 1753.

Perennial, pubescent; stems often tufted, 8' - 15' long. Leaflets 3-17, oblong, or those of basal leaves reduced to a solitary terminal broad one; peduncles as long as the leaves or longer; heads subtended by a deeply lobed bract; calyx very hairy, much inflated, narrowed at the mouth; corolla yellow to dark red, 6"-10" long.

In fields, Pennsylvania and Ontario, and in waste and ballast grounds at the Atlantic seaports. Adventive from Europe. June-Aug.