2. Geranium Maculątum L. Wild Or Spotted Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2653

Geranium maculatum L. Sp. Pl. 681. 1753.

Perennial by a thick rootstock, pubescent . with spreading or retrorse hairs, erect, simple, or branching above, 1°-2° high. Basal leaves long-petioled, nearly orbicular, broadly cordate or reniform, S'-6' wide, deeply 3-5-parted, the divisions obovate, cuneate, variously toothed and cleft; stem-leaves 2. opposite, shorter-petioled, otherwise similar to the basal ones; peduncles 1-5, elongated, generally bearing a pair of leaves at the base of the umbellate inflorescence; ultimate pedicels l'-2' long; flowers rose-purple, 1' - 1 1/2' broad; sepals awn-pointed; petals woolly at the base; beak of the fruit 1'-1 1/2' long; carpels pubescent; seed reticulate.

In woods, Maine and Ontario to Manitoba, Georgia, Alabama and Nebraska. Recorded from Newfoundland. Alum-root or bloom. Crowfoot. American kino-root. Shame-face. Chocolate-flower. Rockweed. Sailor's-knot. April-July.

2 Geranium Macul Tum L Wild Or Spotted Crane s Bil 9952 Geranium Macul Tum L Wild Or Spotted Crane s Bil 996

3. Geranium Sibiricum L. Siberian Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2654

Geranium sibiricum L. Sp. Pl. 683. 1753.

Annual, villous-pubescent, freely branched, decumbent or ascending, 1°-4 1/2° high. Leaves deeply 3-5-parted, 2'-2 1/2' broad, nearly orbicular, or cordate-reniform, the divisions oval-lanceolate, cleft or toothed; peduncles slender, I-flowered, 2'-3' long, 2-bracted near the middle; flowers nearly white, 3 "-4" broad; sepals oval, awned; beak of the fruit canescent, 7"-9" long, tipped with a short prolongation; lobes of the capsule puberulent or hairy, seed minutely reticulate.

Abundant along roadsides in the northern part of New York City. Adventive from Asia. Some of the pedicels are rarely 2-flowered. June-Sept.

4. Geranium Columbinum L. Long-Stalked Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2655

Geranium columbinum L. Sp. Pl. 682. 1753.

Annual, slender, decumbent or prostrate, slightly hispid-pubescent with whitish appressed hairs. Leaves 1'-1 1/2' in diameter, pedately deeply 5-9-divided into narrow, mostly linear variously cleft segments; petioles very slender, those of the lower and basal leaves often 5'-6' long; peduncles also slender, longer than the upper leaves, 2-flowered; pedicels 1'-3' long; flowers purple, about 4" broad; sepals ovate, awn-pointed, enlarging in fruit; petals notched; capsule-lobes nearly glabrous, keeled, not rugose; beak 6"-10" long, hispid; seeds deeply pitted.

In fields and along roadsides. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Also in South Dakota. Natural-ized or adventive from Europe. Native also of northern Asia. May-July.

4 Geranium Columbinum L Long Stalked Crane s Bill 9974 Geranium Columbinum L Long Stalked Crane s Bill 998