Perennial herbs, prostrate and commonly rooting at the joints, with palmately lobed or veined, often peltate leaves, the bases of the petioles with 2 scale-like stipules, and small white flowers in peduncled or sessile simple or proliferous umbels or heads. Bracts of the involucre few and small, or none. Calyx-teeth minute. Petals entire. Disk flat. Fruit laterally compressed, orbicular or broader than high. Carpels with 5 primary ribs, the lateral ones usually curved; no large oil-tubes, but an oil-bearing layer of tissue beneath the epidermis. [Greek, water-cup.]

About 75 species of wide distribution. Besides the following another occurs in the Southwest and on the Pacific Coast. Type species: Hydrocotyle vulgaris L. The species are known as Marsh-, or Water-pennywort, or Water-cup.

Leaves nearly orbicular, peltate.

Umbels simple, rarely slightly proliferous; pedicels slender.


H. umbellata.

Umbels, at least some of them, proliferous; pedicels, or some of them, short

Fruit notched at each end.


H. Canbyi.

Fruit not notched at either end.


H. verticillata.

Leaves nearly orbicular, cordate, or reniform, not peltate.

Flowers umbellate.

Leaves 5-9-lobed; umbels nearly sessile.


H. americana.

Leaves 3-7-cleft; umbels long-peduncled.


H. ranunculoides.

Umbels capitate, the beads peduncled.


H. rotundifolia..

1. Hydrocotyle Umbellàta L. Umbellate Or Many-Flowered Marsh-Pennywort

Fig. 3154

Hydrocotyle umbellata L. Sp. Pl. 234. 1753.

Glabrous, stem creeping, several inches long, the subterranean branches tuberiferous. Petioles slender, erect, or ascending, 1'-6' long; leaves peltate, orbicular, or broader than long, sometimes cordate at the base, 1/2'-2' wide, crenately 7-11-lobed, the lobes broad, not deep, mostly crenulate; peduncles elongated; umbels simple or rarely with a proliferous extension; pedicels slender, 2"-6" long; mature fruit notched at both ends, 1"-1 1/2" broad, not quite as long; intermediate ribs corky-thickened; dorsal rib obtuse.

In swamps and low grounds, eastern Massachusetts to Florida and the West Indies, Minnesota, Texas and Mexico. Also in South America and South Africa. June-Sept. Water-navelwort. Water-grass.

1 Hydrocotyle Umbell Ta L Umbellate Or Many Flower 14961 Hydrocotyle Umbell Ta L Umbellate Or Many Flower 1497