5. Geranium Rotundif˛lium L. Round-Leaved Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2656

Geranium rotundifolium L. Sp. Pl. 683. 1753.

Annual, often tufted, 6'-18' high, much branched, softly pubescent with spreading white purple-tipped glandular hairs. Leaves reniform-orbicular, broader than long, 1 1/2' wide, cleft about to the middle into 5-9 obtuse broad lobes, which are 3-5-toothed; petioles slender, those of the basal leaves elongated; flowers purple, 2"-3" broad; sepals ovate, or oval, short-pointed, somewhat shorter than the entire obovate petals; ovary and capsule-lobes hairy, not wrinkled; beak pubescent, about 6" long, pointed with a short awn; seeds reticulated.

In waste places, Michigan, and in ballast about New York and Philadelphia. Fugitive from Europe. Native also of northern Asia. Summer.

6. Geranium CaroliniÓnum L. Carolina Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2657

Geranium carolinianum L. Sp. Pl 682. 1753.

Annual, erect, generally branched from the base and also above, stout, 6'-15' high, loosely pubescent with spreading often glandular gray hairs. Leaves petioled, reniform-orbicular in outline, 1'-3' wide, deeply cleft into 5-9 oblong or obovate cuneate toothed or lobed segments; peduncles rather short and stout, 2-flowered; flowers in compact clusters, pale pink or whitish, 4"-6" broad; sepals ovate, ciliate, awn-pointed, about equalling the obovate emarginate petals; ovary-lobes hispid-pubescent; persistent filaments not longer than the carpels; beak nearly 1' long, short-pointed; seeds ovoid-oblong, finely reticulated.

In barren soil, Nova Scotia(?), Ontario to British Columbia, Massachusetts, Florida and Mexico. Also in Bermuda and Jamaica. April-Aug.

6 Geranium Carolini Num L Carolina Crane s Bill 9996 Geranium Carolini Num L Carolina Crane s Bill 1000

7. Geranium BicknÚllii Britton. Bicknell's Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2658

G. Bicknellii Britton, Bull. Torr. Club 24: 92. 1897.

Similar to the preceding species, but taller, the stems usually more slender, loosely pubescent. Leaves slender-petioled, somewhat angulate in outline, the segments oblong or linear-oblong, mostly narrower; peduncles slender, 2-flowered, the inflorescence loose; sepals lanceolate, awn-pointed; ovary-lobes pubescent; persistent filaments longer than the carpels; beak about 1' long, long-pointed, its tip 2"-3" long; seeds reticulated.

Newfoundland to Maine to western Ontario, British Columbia, southern New York, Michigan and Utah. May-Sept.

8. Geranium DissÚctum L. Cut-Leaved Crane's-Bill

Fig. 2659

Geranium dissectum L. Amoen. Acad. 4: 282. 1760.

Closely related to the two preceding species, but smaller in every way, more slender, the branches decumbent or ascending; leaves seldom more than 1 1/2' wide deeply cleft into narrower segments; inflorescence loose; peduncles short, 2-flowered; flowers purple, about 3" broad; sepals ovate, awned, equalling or slightly longer than the notched petals; capsule-lobes and beak pubescent; seeds ovoid or globose, deeply pitted.

In waste places, and in ballast in New York and New Jersey. Also in the far Northwest. Fugitive from Europe. Wood-geranium. June-Sept.

8 Geranium Diss Ctum L Cut Leaved Crane s Bill 10018 Geranium Diss Ctum L Cut Leaved Crane s Bill 1002