The Different Springs. - Explanation of Arrangement. - Analysis of, and Recipe for Making Artificially, Aachen or Aix-la-Chapelle (Kaiserquelle, 1. - Aachen or Aix-la-Chapelle (Kaiserquelle), 2. - Apollinaris, 1. - Apollin-aris, 2. - Apollinaris, 3. - Bareges. - Bilin (Josefsquelle). - Blue Lick (Lower), 1, 2. - Bethesda. - Booklet (Stahlquelle). - Carlsbad. - Cheltenham (Montpelier, Royal Old Wells, Cambray Chalybeate) - Carlsbad Sprudel. - Cudowa, 1. - Cudowa, 2. - Deep Rock. - Eger (Kaiser-Franz-ensbad, Franzensbrunnen). - Eger (Kaiser-Franzensbad, Louisenquelle). - Eger (Kaiser-Franzensbad, Salzbrunnen). - Eger (Kaiser-Franzensbad, Wiesenquelle). - Ems (Kesselbrunnen), 1. - Ems (Kesselbrunnen), 2. - Ems (Kraehnchen), 1. - Ems (Kraehnchen), 2. - Ems (Victoria-Felsen-quelle). - Fachingen, 1. - Fachingen, 2. - Friedrichshall (Bitter-water), 1.- Friedrichshall (Bitterwater), 2.- Clysmic Spring. - Harrowgate (Old Sulphur, Montpelier Sulphur, Montpelier Chalybeate, Cheltenham Chalybeate). - Hartford Cold Springs. - Homburg-vor-der-H6he (Elizabeth-quelle), 1. - Homburg-vor-der-H6he (Elizabethquelle), 2. - Hunyadi Janos, 1.- Hunyadi Janos, 2. - Hunyadi Janos, 3. - Kissingen (Racoczy, Pandur), 1. - Kissingen (Racoczy, Pandur), 2. - Kissingen (Soolsprudel). - Kreuz-nach (Elisenquelle), 1. - Kreuznach (Elisenquelle), 2. - Leamington. - Marienbad (Ferdinandsbrunnen). - Marienbad (Kreuzbrunnen). - Napa Soda Spring. - Natrokrene, by Dr. Vetter. - Pullna. - Pyrmont (Trink-quelle), 1. - Pyrmont (Trinkquelle), 2. - Pyrmont (Soolquelle). - Sartoga Springs. - Champion. - Geyser - Congress. - Hathorn. - High Rock. - Kissingen or Triton. - Star. - Vichy. - Sedlitz-Saidschiitz (Kose's Brunnen). - Sedlitz-Saidschutz (Hauptbrunnen).- Selters, 1. - Selters, 2.- Sheboygan. - Soden (Milchbrunnen), 1. - Soden (Milchbrunnen), 2. - Soden (Sool-quelle). - Soden (Wilhelmsquelle). - Ballston Spa (Artesian Lithia Well). - Ballston Spa (Franklin Artesian Well). - Ballston Spa (Washington Lithia Well, Old Conde Dentonian). - Spaa. - Teplitz-Schonau (Steinbad). - Vichy (Source de la Grand Grille), 1. - Vichy (Source de la Grand Grille, 2, and Source des Celestins).White Rock. - Wiesbaden (Kochbrunnen). - Plain Mineral Waters. - Artificial Medicinal Waters. - Artificially Prepared Mineral Water Salts.

The Different Springs

Following are the analyses of various springs of the United States and Europe, made by well-known chemists. In some cases two analyses of the same spring, made at different times, which differ sometimes considerably in proportions and combinations, not differing, however, in the main properties. In parallel columns with or directly following the analyses, will be found a correct formula or recipe for producing an imitation or artificial mineral water of the same class. We must leave it to the intelligent carbonator to select one or more formulae that will suit his taste and trade best, and make them his standard recipes.

Explanation Of Arrangement

We desire to call the reader's special attention to the practical working or manipulation of the formulae for making the imitation or artificial waters, as given in the following pages. It will be noticed that a line or rule is placed beneath each group. Whenever it occurs, the ingredients named above the rule are to be mixed together in warm water, five times equal to their weight, or ten times their weight in cold water. For example, we will take the first imitation on this page, of Aachen or Aix-la-Chapelle, as follows.

Mix together in water, as explained, the following:

Lithium carbonate. Sodium silicate. Sodium phosphate. Sodium fluoride. Sodium sulphate. Sodium carbonate. Sodium chloride.

After mixing these add the mixture to the ten gallons of water in fountain.

We then take and mix in water, as explained, the following:

Strontium chloride. Magnesium chloride. Calcium chloride.

After mixing these we add the mixture to the same ten gallons of water in fountain.

There remains then only the one ingredient (Sodium sulphide), which is never added to the fountain of water, but to the bottle direct, as explained on page 517.

All the formulae are manipulated in exactly the same manner, that is, all the ingredients named above the first rule or line, are mixed together and added to the fountain, stirring or agitating the while; all the ingredients named between the first and second rule or line are next mixed and added to the water; and so on to the last.