Products of this denomination appear in commerce. A distilled ginger-ale extract, when properly prepared, is made by exhausting the drugs by the aid of distillation. The ginger root with vanilla bean, cinnamon, cassia, mace, cloves, etc., or whatever- is preferred as an admixture to support or enrich the flavor or aroma of the ginger, are exhausted along with the ginger root. For an example we give the following Formulae, which can be varied in proportions and constituents to suit the taste:

Formula I

Ginger root, bruised, one pound; cassia, ground, one ounce; cloves, ground, two ounces; cardamom, ground, two drachms; alcohol of 95 per cent, one and one-half to three pints, according to the strength desired.

Formula II

Ginger root, one pound; nutmeg, ground, one and one-half ounces; vanilla, sliced, one ounce; cinnamon, one and one-half ounces; alcohol of 95° from one and one-half to three pints according to the strength desired.


If no steam is available, macerate for forty-eight hours, then bring the whole into the distilling apparatus, distil until about two-thirds or three-fourths of the original liquid is received. Draw off the balance of the liquid, and use for the next operation. Where steam is not employed, the drugs must be put in the still upon a sieve, to prevent their coming in contact with the bottom. When a glass retort is employed, heat over a sand bath. Where steam is available, the mixture is brought into the still, digested for about twenty-four hours, and then distilled. To the distillate may be added: Acetate ether, about half a drachm; essence of raisins, one ounce (or essence of oenanthic ether two drachms); pine-apple essence, one drachm. These additions may vary in proportion or constituents, or may be left out altogether, to suit. Lemon, rose, and ginger-oil essence are also frequently added in various proportions to the distillate, and as this is entirely a matter of taste, we must abstain from giving any definite formulae; those appended will give the carbon-ator an idea how to compound them, and make up a formula of his own. We may remark that a trifle of capsicum, if desired, could be mixed with the other drugs and exhausted with them. The quantity, however, should be small.