Pumpkin Pie

Take a quart of stewed pumpkin, which has been pressed through a sieve; six eggs, yolks and whites beaten separately, two quarts milk, a cup or more of sugar, and mace, cinnamon and nutmeg for flavoring. Beat all well together, and bake without top crust.

Lemon Pie

Take the juice and grated rind of one lemon, one cup of white sugar, the yolks of two eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sifted flour and sufficient milk to fill a plate. Bake without an upper crust. Bake til! nearly done and then add a frosting made of the beaten whites of two eggs, and two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, and set back in the oven to brown slightly.

Cherry Pie

Line the dish with crust; fill with ripe cherries, sugared in accordance with their degree of sweetness ; cover and bake. Sift white sugar over the top. Fruit pies generally are made in the same way. They should be eaten cold.

Mince Pie

Take four pounds of meat (boiled lean beef) and apple - two-thirds being apple. Add half a pound of suet. Chop each separately, and when fine mix thoroughly. Then put in three pounds of chopped raisins and two of carefully picked currants, a teaspoonful each of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and half a spoonful of mace, with brown sugar to make very sweet. Add three quarts cider. Mix thoroughly, cover closely, and let stand for a day before using. This will keep all winter, and may be used as wanted. The flavor is much improved if it is allowed to stand a week or so. Add one pint of brandy if desired.

Cocoanut Pie

One large cup of grated cocoanut, one quart of milk, the yolks of five eggs, a lump of butter the size of a hickory nut, sweeten to suit taste. Beat the whites of the eggs and spread over the pies after done, and return to oven and brown. This will make two pies.

Custard Pie

One-half cup sugar, one quart rich milk, two tablespoonfuls corn starch, yolks of four eggs. Put on stove and stir until thick. Beat whites of four eggs to stiff froth, add two tablespoonfuls 6Ugar, spread on top, and brown. This will make two pies.

Cream Pie

One pint sweet milk, one egg beaten separately, one tablespoonful flour, two tablespoonfuls of sugar, lump of butter; flavor with lemon. Use white of egg for top. Cook in a kettle. Bake crust first. Put into crust, place white of egg on top. Place in oven to brown. This will make one pie.

Ice Cream Pie

One pint of cream, whites of two eggs, half cup sugar, teaspoonful vanilla. Beat eggs to stiff froth, add other ingredients, bake with one crust.

Strawberry Pie

Line a deep pie pan with rich crust, and bake. Fill with the following : Whites of two eggs, half cup of sugar, one pint of fresh berries. Beat the whites to a stiff froth, and stir in sugar and berries. Bake slowly fifteen minutes.

Pieplant Pie

Mix half cup sugar with one heaping teaspoonful flour; sprinkle over the bottom crust, then add pieplant cut up fine ; sprinkle over this another half teacup sugar and heaping teaspoonful flour; bake with upper crust fully three-quarters of an hour in slow oven.

Pineapple Pie

Five eggs, one cup sugar, one-half cup butter, one cup sweet cream, one pineapple grated. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, add the beaten yolks of the eggs, then the pineapple and cream, and lastly the beaten whites whipped in lightly. Take each section out with a steel fork and cut off the blossom, then chop them up very fine, and add the grated core or heart. Bake them with an under crust only.

Peach Pie

Slice the peaches; line a pie plate with crust and lay in fruit, sprinkling with sugar. Ripe peaches need little. Add three chopped peach kernels to each pie ; add a little water. Bake with an upper crust, or with cross-bars of crust.

Strawberry Short-Cake___Take two cups flour, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, one-quarter teaspoonful salt. Sift into a bowl, rub in two tablespoonfuls butter, beat one egg, mix it with one cup of milk, and stir it gradually into the flour to make a smooth dough. Spread it in a greased pan, and bake in a quick oven twenty or thirty minutes. When done turn it on a hot plate, split open quickly and butter it. Spread strawberries over the lower half, sprinkle sugar over the berries, and replace the upper half; put another layer of strawberries and sugar on top. Serve cold or hot, with cream. Other berries, peaches or oranges may be used instead of the strawberries.

Apple Dumplings (Boiled)

Make your crust of a quart of flour and a quarter pound of suet, with a teaspoonful each of salt and cream-of-tartar and half one of soda. Make into a tolerably thick paste with cold water.

Roll, cut into squares, and put into each a pared and cored apple. The hole left by the core may be filled with marmalade, or with sugar moistened with lemon juice. Close the paste over your apple, tie the dumplings in cloths, and boil for an hour.

Apple Dumplings (Baked)

Into one quart flour drop two tablespoonfuls of lard (or lard and butter mixed) and add two tea-spoonfuls cream-of-tartar. Then put in a teaspoonful of soda, and wet quickly with milk until stiff enough to roll into a paste half an inch thick. Cut into squares, lay in each a pared and cored tart apple, and close the paste around it. Lay in a buttered baking pan and bake till finely browned. Then brush with a beaten egg, and let glaze in the oven for a few minutes. Eat hot, with rich sweet sauce.