The following types of meat dishes are as easily served to two as to six:

Hamburg balls or steak Lamb, mutton, veal or pork chops Liver Kidneys Sweetbreads Ox tails

Chop suey Sausages Scrapple Dried beef Sliced ham Bacon Salt pork

Roasts - Instead of a large roast of beef, buy a thick steak, roll, tie and roast it in a very hot oven (450°-500° F.) for a short time. If even this is too large a roast, cut out the heart for roasting and keep the rest for a casserole dish.

For Lamb, Mutton and Veal Roasts, buy loin chops - as many as you require. Have the bones separated at the joints but do not have the meat cut through. Cook as a standing roast.

For Baked Ham, buy a one-inch thick slice of raw ham. Brown it on both sides in the frying-pan, then cover it with mustard, flour and sugar and stuff the top with cloves. Add a little water and cook, covered, in a moderate oven (350° F.) for an hour.

In Place of Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb, mutton or veal, buy a slice of the meat and spread it with any desired stuffing. Roll, with the stuffing inside. This may be browned first and then baked, or may be put immediately into the oven.

For Pot Roasts a one pound or two pound piece will be quite as satisfactory as a larger one, though it may require a little more watching while it is cooking.

Poultry - A whole turkey, of course, is out of the question, but poultry may be enjoyed in the shape of a broiling chicken or guinea chick, or squab and the smaller game birds, quail and grouse. These can be broiled, fried or baked. The pigeon is nice in a pie.