Planked Steak

I tender steak, 2 inches thick Duchess potatoes Various kinds of cooked vegetables


Minced parsley Salt Paprika

Trim the fat and make outline of the steak even. Sear it on both sides on a hot griddle or pan, using no fat, or on a broiler. Cook fifteen minutes, turning frequently. Oil a heated plank (see directions for planked fish), place the steak on the plank, and arrange border of Duchess potatoes around it. Arrange other cooked vegetables, such as stuffed tomatoes or green peppers, small boiled onions, peas, string beans and cubes of carrot or turnip, around the steak, also, so that the board is entirely concealed. Place the plank in the oven until the potato border is browned and all the vegetables are heated through. After removing it from the oven, spread the steak with butter into which has been rubbed minced parsley, salt and paprika. Send to table upon the plank.

Hamburg Steak

2 pounds chopped beef 1/4 pound suet Butter



Salt and pepper

Have the butcher chop the beef and suet together twice. Press it into a flat steak about three-fourths of an inch thick, sprinkle with salt, pepper, a little onion-juice and flour. Broil on a fine wire broiler or saute in a little fat. Spread with butter and serve on a hot dish. This steak is sometimes shaped into small, thin, flat cakes. When it is sauted, a gravy may be made by thickening the juices in the pan, to which a little water has been added. Two tablespoons of melted butter and one tablespoon minced onion mixed with the meat and seasonings improves Hamburg steak.

Baked Hamburg Steak

1/4 pounds chopped beef 2 cups bread soaked in milk 1 small onion, minced 1 tablespoon butter or other fat

2 eggs

4 hard-cooked eggs 1 cup tomatoes 1/2 cup sliced onion Salt, pepper, ginger

Have the meat put through the grinder twice. Add the bread, the onion, seasonings to taste and the two uncooked eggs, well-beaten. Arrange the hard-cooked eggs end to end across the middle of the meat and roll the meat mixture around them. Place the roll in a baking-pan, pour over it a sauce composed of the tomatoes, sliced onions, butter or other fat and water, and bake in moderate oven (350°-375° F.) for about two hours, basting frequently with sauce. In serving, slice the roll crosswise. The hard-cooked eggs may be omitted.

Beef Balls

1 1/2 pounds beef from the shank 1/3 cup bread-crumbs 3 tablespoons soft fat 1 cup stock

1 egg Flour

Salt and pepper

1 teaspoon lemon-juice


Put the meat twice through a food-chopper, add breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, lemon-juice, a little nutmeg and the beaten egg. Shape into balls lightly and let them stand for half an hour or more to become firm, then roll them in flour and brown them in the frying-pan with the fat. Take out the meat balls, add to the fat a tablespoon of flour and a cup of stock. Season well, put the meat balls into this mixture, cover the frying-pan closely and simmer for an hour and a half.