Campestris Salad

Mash a five cent Neufchatel cheese, season with one-fourth teaspoon salt and one-eighth teaspoon paprika and moisten with one-half tablespoon French Dressing. Shape to represent mushroom caps and stems, roll in finely chopped salted almonds put through a puree strainer and put caps on stems. Place on thin unsweetened wafer crackers around a basket (made from the skin of an orange), filled with Red Bar-le-duc Currants, and garnish with sprigs of green. Pass with dressed lettuce.

Campestris Salad.

Campestris Salad. - Page 206.

Moquin Salad

Drain slices of canned pineapple, cut in halves, crosswise, and arrange for individual service on lettuce leaves.

Work a cream cheese and moisten with French Dressing. Force through a potato ricer over pineapple. Serve with French Dressing.

The New Vanderbilt Salad

Arrange thin slices of fresh pineapple (cut crosswise of fruit with centre removed) on nests of lettuce leaves. Pile in centre celery cut in thin one and one-half inch Julienne-shaped pieces mixed with an equal measure of chopped English walnut meats. Garnish pineapple circle at equal distances with two sections, each, of grape fruit and orange. Serve with Cream Mayonnaise (see The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 327).

Banana Salad

Remove skins from bananas, scrape, using a silver knife, and cut in thirds crosswise; then cut each third in pieces lengthwise, and roll in finely chopped peanuts. Arrange with slices of tangerine on a bed of lettuce leaves and pour over French Dressing.

Banana Salad.

Banana Salad. - Page 208.

Runnymede Salad

Wipe two long cucumbers, remove a thick slice, from each end and cut crosswise in two-inch pieces.

Remove centres, leaving cups. Cut white meat of cold cooked chicken in thin slices, then in one-half-inch squares; there should be one-half cup. Mix with an equal measure, each, of cold boiled potatoes and artichoke bottoms, cut in the same fashion, and two tablespoons truffle, cut in small pieces. Moisten with Chutney Mayonnaise (see p. 214) and fill cups. Arrange on nests of lettuce leaves.

After Theatre Salad

Cook salt herring in boiling water to cover, fifteen minutes. Drain, cool and separate into flakes; there should be one cup. Add an equal measure of one-third-inch cubes of cold boiled potatoes and one-fourth the measure of finely chopped whites of hard-boiled eggs. Mix thoroughly, moisten with French Dressing, cover and let stand in a cold place one hour. Beat one-fourth cup heavy cream until stiff and add two tablespoons canned pimiento puree. Mix with an equal measure of Mayonnaise Dressing, moisten mixture with dressing and mound on a nest of lettuce leaves.

Potato And Egg Salad

Cut cold boiled potatoes in one-half-inch cubes; there should be one and one-half cups. Add one canned pimiento, drained and cut in thin strips, and two slices onion, finely chopped. Moisten with Waltham Salad Dressing (see p. 216), arrange in a mound and garnish with three hard-boiled eggs.

Chop whites and arrange on two-fourths of the mound opposite each other; force yolks through a potato ricer and arrange on other two-fourths. Put single sprigs of parsley in lines dividing whites from yolks. Garnish top with a slice of hard-boiled egg and parsley.

Shad Roe Salad

In each of six well-buttered cups or other individual moulds drop the white of an egg. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and in centre of each place a one-inch piece of cooked shad roe. Set moulds in pan of hot water and bake until white is set. Remove from moulds and marinate with French Dressing. .

When thoroughly chilled, arrange in nests of lettuce leaves and garnish with Mayonnaise Dressing, forced through a pastry bag and tube, and thin strips of red pepper.

Mock Chicken Salad

2 cups 1/2-inch cubes roast pork 1 cup celery, cut in small pieces 4 stoned and chopped olives 1/2 red pepper.

Mix pork cubes, celery and olives and add one-half of the pepper, which has been washed, parboiled and seeds removed, then cut in thin strips. Moisten with Mayonnaise or Waltham Salad Dressing. Mound in salad bowl and garnish with celery tips and remaining strips of red pepper.