AS THE human body is composed of two-thirds its weight in water,so upon the liquid we drink depends, to a large degree, health and long life. Through it, the blood receives new life and discharges the worn-out substances. In this way it becomes a part of the human frame, and is derived principally from the outside, in the form of drinks and food.

Mulled Ale

Heat one quart of good ale with a little nutmeg; beat five eggs and mix them with a little cold ale; then pour the hot and cold ale back and forth several times to prevent its curdling; warm and stir it till sufficiently thick; add a glass brandy; strain and serve in tiny glasses. O. T. T.

Harvest Drink

In pint pitcher put a tablespoonful of brandy, a tablespoonful of powdered sugar, one well-beaten egg; fill the pitcher with shaved ice until one-half full, then fill up pitcher with imported ginger ale; stand five minutes, when it is ready to drink. Mrs. Emily Dean.

Milk Sherbet

Juice of three lemons, rind of one, three cupfuls of sugar, one quart of milk; freeze and stir continually. Hettie Blackwell.

Blackberry Brandy

Two quarts of blackberry juice, one and one-half pounds of sugar, one-half ounce of cinnamon, one-half ounce of grated nutmeg, one-fourth ounce of cloves, one ounce of allspice; boil a few moments; when cool add one pint of brandy; put into bottles and cork tightly.

Mrs. T. M. Battle.

Blackberry Cordial

To one gallon of juice add two pounds of loaf sugar, one-half ounce of cloves, one ounce of nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice; boil twenty-five minutes; add one quart of brandy when cold. Marion McNeil.

Sassafras Mead

Mix carefully one quart of boiling water and one and one-half pounds of light brown sugar; add to it one-half pint of good New Orleans molasses and one-eighth of a pound of tartaric acid. Stir well and when cool strain into a granite pitcher. When cool add a small one-half teaspoonful of essence of sassafras. Put in bottles, cork tightly with new corks and keep in a cool place. To make a glass of sassafras mead for drinking, put a large tablespoonful of the mead into a tumbler one-half full of ice-water, stir into it one-half teaspoonful of carbonate of soda and it will immediately foam to the top. The essence of sassafras and tartaric acid can be obtained at the druggist's. D. Z. Brooks.

Hire's Root-Beer

A cooling, non-intoxicating and healthful drink for summer is Hire's Root-Beer. Procure a bottle of Hire's root-beer extract of your grocer and follow directions for making. See label on bottle.


To two cupfuls of orange juice and the juice of two lemons add enough water and sugar to taste good; strain and serve with shaved ice.

Mrs. C. V. Waldron.

Imperial Drink

Put one-half ounce of cream of tartar into a large pitcher which should be well heated first; add the sliced rind of a large lemon, one-quarter of a pound of lump sugar and three pints of boiling water. Cover closely and let the pitcher stand near the fire for an hour. Stir the liquid often while hot and when quite cold and clear pour off from the sediment.

P. B. M.

Milk Shake

Fill a glass two-thirds, full of milk; sweeten it to taste with any fruit syrup or with sugar and then flavor with vanilla or orange water. Fill up glass with cracked ice and shake together until well mixed.

Etta Stillberger.


The yolk of an egg must be well beaten with one teaspoonful of sugar, a trifle of salt, two-thirds glassful of milk; one-half teaspoonful of rum and one of brandy. Lastly add the white of the egg well beaten and stir lightly. Add speck of nutmeg for flavoring. This will only make one tumblerful. Mrs. A. M. Garland.

Koumiss (Excellent For Invalids)

One quart of new milk, two tablespoonfuls of sugar-syrup, one-half cupful of fresh buttermilk. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Let stand in a warm place ten hours, then pour from one dish into another until it is smooth and thick. Bottle and keep in a warm place for from twenty-four to twenty-eight hours. Cork the bottles and tie down or use the patent fasteners. Shake for a few minutes before using. Inis Smith.

Currant Water

Take one cupful of ripe crushed currants, mix with one-quarter of a pound of pulverized sugar and one-half pint of cold water. Pour the mixture through a fine sieve, add the juice of one lemon and one and one-half pints of cold water; mix thoroughly, strain again and set on ice till wanted. This is a nice, cool drink on a warm day and easily made in currant season. Miss C.

Acidulated Alkali

Blend thoroughly two ounces of carbonate of soda, two ounces of tartaric acid and one-quarter of a pound of powdered loaf sugar. Flavor with essence of lemon. Keep the mixture in a bottle, well corked. Stir a teacupful briskly into a tumbler three parts full of water and drink during effervescence. Beulah Townsend.