Pineapples For The Table

Unless a pineapple is perfectly ripe it should not be eaten. Pare it, removing the eyes. Do not slice it, but after paring cut away the fruit in small pieces. Lay them in a glass dish, covered with fine white sugar. The core is indigestible, and is not used. Set the pineapple on ice till wanted. Flo Brine.

Pineapple Dessert

Cut the top off of a pineapple and cut away the bottom so that it will stand upright on a plate (see colored illustration). Scoop out the pulp throwing away the core. Mix the pulp with strawberries and green amalaga grapes cutting the berries and grapes into halves. Sweeten and return mixture to the pineapple shell and set on ice. Decorate dish with leaves from the crown or with grape leaves. Luella.

Plums, Currant And Grapes

Iced Currants

Procure some of the finest bunches of currants. Beat well the whites of two eggs and mix them with one-quarter of a pint of water. Dip each cluster of currants separately into the egg and water, drain for two minutes, roll them in finely powdered sugar. Repeat the rolling in sugar and lay them on sheets of white paper to dry, when the sugar will become crystallized. Alternating white and red currants make a pretty effect.

Mrs. Lois Eaton.

Iced Grapes

Wash and drain large dry bunches of ripe grapes, two or three varieties if possible, dip into beaten white of egg, put in sieve so that they will not touch each other, sift powdered sugar over and put in a warm place to dry. Cherries may be prepared in the same way. Mrs. N. K. B.

Nuts And Raisins

Select the large raisins that come in good-sized bunches and lay a handsome doily on a glass dish. Now pile up the raisins on this dish and fill in the crevices with shelled nuts of any sort that have been previously blanched. Blanching is simply scalding the nuts to remove their inner skin. They must be wiped dry afterward before using. This makes a pretty dish for the table. Mrs. Laura King.


There is no fruit that is so inviting to the eye as large clusters of grapes, arranged in a clear glass dish. They can be pulled from the stems by the fingers in eating. Nell.


Large clusters of raisins can be arranged upon a fruit dish, and a dish of almond-meal set near them. A bunch of the raisins can be placed on each plate, and a teaspoonful or two of the almond-meal added. They are to be eaten together. Lillian B.

Plums (French Style)

Select any kind of plums desired. If fresh picked arrange them on fancy dish with their own leaves. Serve with small knives. If not fresh picked place on ice three hours before serving. Mary Butler.

Grape Fruit Served In Basket (Made Of The Peel)

Select medium-sized grape fruit cut in basket shape (see colored illustration) and with a knife carefully scoop out fruit and all the bitter pulp. Return the fruit and sprinkle generously with sugar just before placing it on table. Tie to the handle some light blue baby ribbon and some pretty geranium leaves and set on fancy plate at each place; a nice first course for a luncheon. Leone Hull.

Fresh Fruits. Chestnuts

Chestnuts Crystallized With White Sugar

Make syrup as above. Boil the requisite quantity of chestnuts until soft, and peel them, taking care not to break them. Take them on the point of a skewer, one at a time; dip them first into the syrup and then, quickly, into cold water. Slip them off the skewer into a wire sieve and dry them in a warm place. G. S. T

Chestnuts Crystallized With Caramel

Prepare as above only instead of putting the chestnuts on a sieve to dry have ready a broad flat basin, put some brown sugar or caramel in it; dip the chestnuts into it, leaving them to drain. When they are cold arrange them tastefully on a dish. S. T. O.


This fruit, which every one loves, can be eaten in any way. Pick nice, juicy ones, wipe and polish with a soft napkin and serve in a fancy basket decorated with apple leaves. Fruit knives of silver should accompany them. Miss Grace Johnson.

Apple Dainty

Peel eight apples very thin and lay in a dish, in layers, using plenty of powdered sugared over each layer and a little lemon juice. Put it on ice three hours and it will be found excellent. Mrs. R. Roscoe.

Stuffed Dates

Select large dates, remove the seeds and refill with blanched almonds or pecan nuts. Excellent for a final course to luncheon. Greta M.

Stuffed Dates - No. 2

Remove seeds. Replace with blanched almond. Roll in coarse sugar. H. F. L.