Current And Raisin Pies

Currant Pie

Butter a pie plate and line with rich paste rolled quite thin; fill with ripe, red currants not previously cooked; sprinkle plentifully with sugar, dredge in a little flour, and put in two tablespoonfuls of water; wet the edge of the paste and cover with top crust, slit in center, press the edges well together and bake forty minutes. Green currant pie is excellent made the same way with a little additional sugar. H. E. R.

Green Grape Pie

Make the same as huckleberry only use more sugar (brown). You would scarcely believe it but green grapes make a fine pie. M. A. R.

Grape Or Crab-Apple Marmalade Pie

Stew the grapes and remove the skins and seeds by pressing through a colander. Add sugar in proportion of two cups of grape pulp to one of sugar. Have ready a pie tin with under crust. Pour in to a depth of one-half of an inch, cover with strips of crust and bake; very good.

F. R. A.

Raspberry And Currant Pie

Put a layer of red or black raspberries in the bottom of a deep pie tin, then a layer of red currants cleaned and stemmed, then another layer of raspberries, then currants, and proceed till the dish is full; sprinkle over one-half cupful of sugar and one-fourth of a cupful of water, put a thin layer of pie crust round the edge, then put on the top crust. Brush the top crust over with a little water and sift over a little granulated sugar. Bake in moderate oven one-half hour; the sugar gives it a frosted look. Be careful to watch it after it is in the oven so that it does not burn. M. E. J.

Raisin Pie (Excellent)

One cup of stoned raisins chopped fine, one lemon, grate rind, take out seeds and chop it fine with raisins; add one cup of sugar and two tablespoonfuls of water. This makes two pies; bake between upper and lower crusts. Mrs. Nancy Miller.

Apple Pies

Apple And Raisin Pie

Two cups of tart apple sauce well sweetened, one-fourth of a tea-spoonful of cinnamon, one-half cup of seedless raisins boiled for ten minutes, yolks of two eggs; mix and bake with an under crust. Make a meringue of the two whites slightly sweetened, arrange in fancy shape over pie and set in oven to harden. Miss Agnes Hyde.

Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

An old-fashioned apple pie that appeals to all tastes is made in the following manner: After making a nice light crust and covering a deep pie tin with it, wet the edge with cold water and lay a very thin strip all around to keep the juice in. Then pare, core and slice tart apples and lay them in the dish with plenty of sugar and any spice that may be preferred, such as cinnamon, ground cloves and grated lemon rind with the lemon juice. If the fruit is not juicy enough, the peelings and cores may be boiled in a little sugar and flavoring and then strained and added to the fruit. Bake in a quick oven. Mrs. Nettie Wilson.

Green Apple Pie

Line a pie tin with rich paste, peel, core and slice enough tart apples to evenly fill the tin; sprinkle over about one cup of brown sugar, a tea-spoonful of cinnamon, a small level tablespoonful of sifted flour, two tabie-spoonfuls of water, a few bits of butter; cover with a top crust and bake about forty-five minutes. Annie Hull.

Deep Apple Or Plum Pie

Line a deep pie plate with pastry, place a layer of apples over this, and sprinkle with brown sugar. Then another layer of apple, with the sugar, until the pie plate is well filled and heaped in the middle. Over the top dot bits of butter; shake a pinch of salt over the whole. Wet the edge of the lower crust, sprinkle with flour, put on the upper crust, and press the edges firmly together. Bake a rich brown. Baldwin or Greening apples are the best, cut in thin slices; plums make a good pie, served in the same way. Mary Butts.

English Apple Pie

Slice Northern Spy or Greenings very thin and fill a deep dish. Add one-fourth of a cup of water, two-thirds of a cup of brown sugar, bits of butter, a sprinkle of salt and a grating of lemon. Cover top with a good puff paste, being sure to wet the edges of the dish. To be eaten warm with cream and sugar; very appetizing. Lulu Rounds.

New England Apple Pie

Place a border of plain or puff paste around a basin or deep pie dish, put an egg cup reversed in the center, and fill with tart apples, pared, cored and sliced. Sweeten with one cup of sugar and season with cinnamon or nutmeg. Cover with a crust and bake in a hot oven for from one-half to three-quarters of an hour. Mrs. Bowerman.

Apple Custard Pie

Three cups of milk, four eggs and one cup of sugar, two cups of thick stewed sour apples strained through a colander. Beat the whites and yolks of the eggs, separately, and mix the yolks well with the apples, flavoring with nutmeg. Beat into this the milk and, lastly, the whites. Partially bake the crust before turning in the filling. J. E. D.