Tomato Pickles

Sliced Green Tomato Pickles (Sour)

Take large, smooth, green tomatoes. Cut off small slice at stem and blossom end, cut the remainder in slices. To every six tomatoes allow one onion, sliced, a little grated horseradish and one-fourth of a pepper, chopped fine. Put layers in a jar with a very slight sprinkling of salt between each layer, let stand over night. In the morning remove, drain, and pack in jars. Cover with vinegar poured over boiling hot. This is a choice recipe. Cynthia Lester.

Sliced Green Tomato Pickles (Sweet)

Slice one peck of green tomatoes the night before pickling, sprinkling them slightly with salt; in the morning drain off the liquor. Slice twelve large onions; take a granite kettle and put in a layer of the sliced tomatoes, then of onions, and between each layer sprinkle the following spices: six red peppers coarsely chopped, one coffee-cupful of brown sugar, one tablespoonful each of ground allspice and cinnamon and one teaspoonful of cloves. Tie the spices in small muslin bags. Turn over two pints of good vinegar; boil until tender. Anna Bluer.

Ripe Tomato Pickles (Sour)

Take large tomatoes - the yellow and red mixed; slice in inch slices. Put them in a strong brine for twenty-four hours; rinse and put down in layers, mixing with sliced onions and grated horseradish. Spice the vinegar to suit the taste (See Spiced Vinegar). Pack in cans and turn vinegar over scalding hot. Seal at once. Nellie Polard.

Ripe Tomato Pickles (Sweet)

Pare small ripe tomatoes. Cover with good vinegar, adding for every seven pounds of fruit three and one-half pounds of brown sugar, one ounce of stick cinnamon, broken, and one-half ounce of allspice and cloves; tie the spices in a cloth and simmer a few moments. Skim the tomatoes out carefully, put in a jar, boil the syrup a trifle longer and pour over them boiling hot. L. P. M.


Take two hundred small cucumbers, salt, one large head of cauliflower, two quarts of small white onions, one-quarter of a peck of green tomatoes, one bunch of celery; salt over night. Next day put all in boiling water and have it come up to a boil twice. Drain and put in a jar. Put all kinds of spice in a muslin bag and put into vinegar and boil. To make five gallons of piccalilli use one-half pound of mustard flour, mix it smooth in cold water, add to the boiling vinegar and pour over the pickles. Mrs. N. Sollitt.

Piccalilli - No. 2

Chop fine one peck of green tomatoes, and twelve large onions, add four green peppers and three red peppers coarsely chopped and one cupful of salt. Let stand over night; in the morning drain off the liquor. Now add two quarts of water and one pint of vinegar; boil all together twenty-minutes. Drain through a sieve. Put ingredients back into the kettle; pour over two quarts of vinegar and one pound of brown sugar, one-half pound of mustard seed, two tablespoonfuls of cinnamon, one tablespoonful of cloves, one tablespoonful of ginger and one tablespoonful of allspice. Boil together fifteen minutes. Greta T.

Cucumber Pickles

Cucumber Pickles For Winter Use

The best way to put down cucumbers for winter use, especially when a panful or so are gathered at a time, is to wash and put them in a crock or barrel. First, a layer of cucumbers, then one of rock salt (enough salt to make sufficient brine to cover them, no water), cover with a cloth; keep them under the brine with a heavy board and a weight on top; each time more fresh cucumbers are added take out those already in brine, putting the new ones at the bottom; rinse the cloth every time you put in fresh cucumbers, as a scum will rise and settle upon it. Use plenty of salt and the pickles will keep one year. To prepare pickles for use, soak in lukewarm water, changing it three times a day, and keep in a warm place until they are fresh enough, then pour plain or spiced vinegar over and let them stand twenty-four hours, then pour that off and put on fresh. In gathering cucumbers cut them off the vines with shears. Pulling or twisting them off injures the vines. Marion Miller.

How To Salt Cucumbers For Winter Use

See department of "Pickles."

Pickled Onions And Cucumbers

Peel ten large green cucumbers and half a dozen small onions, cut them into thick slices crosswise and sprinkle with salt. Let stand for a day, then drain; put them in a jar, pour over sufficient boiling vinegar to cover and keep them in a warm place for from twelve to eighteen hours. Drain off the vinegar, heat again and pour over till both the onions and cucumbers are quite green, adding a little red pepper and a speck of sugar the last time of boiling. Cover tightly and place in a cool place.

P. Loche.

Cucumber Pickles For Summer Use

Take of small-sized fresh cucumbers as many as desired for summer use; put them in strong salted water over night; take out of the brine, wipe dry and cover with strong vinegar; in two or three days they are ready for use. Mrs. Sadie Webb.

Spiced Cucumber Pickles

Use only very small cucumbers, taking a peck, and washing them clean. Put in a stone jar and make a brine of two pounds of coarse dairy salt and pour over them. They should stand in this brine thirty-six hours.

Then take them out, throw away the brine, put cucumbers into a pan and cover them with boiling water. Let stand ten minutes in this water, take them out and drain them one hour. Put in jar, cut up four peppers, mixing them well through them. Boil one gallon of vinegar slowly fifteen minutes, adding whole peppers, mace and cloves, one-half ounce of each. Then skim out spices, and pour vinegar over cucumbers hot. Cover with a plate and a stone to weigh it down and cover jar with another plate. Don't disturb them for a week or so. Mrs. Maria Gillespie.

Sweet Cucumber Pickles

Take twelve large green cucumbers, cut in slices one-half inch thick and soak in weak salt water for an hour. Make a thick syrup of one coffee-cupful of granulated sugar, one teacupful of vinegar; tie up two teaspoonfuls each of cinnamon and cloves in a piece of muslin; boil all to a thick syrup, then drain the cucumbers; rinse well in clear water and add to the syrup; set them back on the range and simmer gently for three hours. A. R. Hornsworth.

Ripe Cucumber Pickles (Sour)

Take twelve large, ripe, yellow cucumbers, cut in halves, take out all the seeds and pulp; then cut in oblongs,stand over night in salt water, next morning rinse them well in clear water, drain and wipe as dry as possible, placing them in jar. Have one-half dozen red peppers prepared by removing seeds and cut in small, narrow pieces; have also one fresh horseradish, prepared in same way, in small pieces, and about one pound of mustard seed; sprinkle all these in between the slices of cucumbers; have enough boiling hot vinegar to cover same and pour over. On the third morning scald vinegar again, adding an extra quantity if it seems weak, and they are ready for use when cold. They can be put away in glass bottles on the third morning. Belle Locke.

Ripe Cucumber Pickles (Sweet)

Pare and seed large ripe cucumbers. Slice each cucumber crosswise at the center and lengthwise into eight pieces. Let them stand twelve hours covered with weak salt and water. Drain and then boil them ten minutes in equal parts of vinegar and water, and let stay in this twenty-four hours. Drain once more, then put them in a syrup of one pint of vinegar with one pound of sugar and one ounce of cassia buds, a few sticks of cinnamon and a few cloves. Boil all together twenty minutes. Cover them closely in a jar. This is a delicious pickle if properly and carefully made. C. Julia Felt.

Spiced Cucumber Pickles - No. 2

Cover one hundred cucumbers with one pint of cold water. Soak five days, each day stirring them well up from the bottom. Rinse in hot water, and let stand till cold. Wipe them dry. Scald vinegar enough to cover them, and add one cupful of sugar, a lump of alum one-half the size of an egg. Spice to suit the taste. Mrs. J. Steele.