Chafing Dish And Recipes For Same

How To Prepare A Meal With A Chafing Dish And Kettle

MANY times a host or hostess feels called upon to set forth an appetizing yet quick meal. Oftentimes, too, persons require a late luncheon, something just before retiring, or something upon their return after an evening out. On all such occasions, a chafing dish is indispensable and can be used quite as elegantly by a gentleman as a lady.

Perhaps you desire to ask what chafing dish to get - well, there are a number that are good but I prefer the one made by S. Sternan & Co. It is simple and is fitted out with the asbestos lamp, enabling one to increase or diminish the heat.

Fill the chafing dish lamp with alcohol, light, place over it the lower pan half filled with water; place the top pan in the lower one and all is ready for a dainty meal.

How To Prepare A Meal With A Chafing Dish And Kett IdealCookbook 47

"A delightful supper, a good night's sleep and a fine morning have often made a hero of the same man who, by indigestion, a restless night and a rainy morning would have proved a coward."

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Bon Bon Boxes And Other Delights For Wee Men And Women.

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Creamed Sweetbreads

One pair of sweetbreads, par-boiled, blanched and cut into small pieces, one-half pint of cream, one tablespoonful of butter, one tablespoonful of flour, salt, white pepper and a pinch of nutmeg; melt the butter over boiling water, stir in the flour, and when this is well mixed, the cream; as soon as the sauce is smooth, put in the seasoning and cook for five minutes. Mrs. C. Kuhlman.

Frogs' Legs

Frogs' legs, gill of cream, three tablespoonfuls of butter, pepper, salt, two tablespoonfuls of flour. Put the butter in the chafing dish and stir in the flour until smooth, then add the cream. Season the frogs' legs with salt and pepper, put them in the chafing dish; cover and cook about twenty minutes. If necessary, add a little more cream. G. D.

Tomatoes And Mushrooms

One pint of cooked tomatoes, one-half pint of mushrooms, one tablespoonful of bread-crumbs, one tablespoonful of butter, pepper, salt and buttered toast. Put into the chafing dish; when mushrooms are cooked serve on the buttered toast. H. F. J.

Mutton, Club Style

Mutton can be cooked in the chafing dish, using the leg slices. Keep it turned constantly, until it is cooked to taste. Turn off the flames. Spread currant jelly over it. Season with pepper and salt. Do not forget to trim away all the fat. T. J. Goode.

Roe Of Shad

The ingredients are: shad roe, two tablespoonfuls of butter, one tablespoonful of lemon juice, yolks of two hard-boiled eggs, one cup of grated bread, parsley (chopped), pepper, salt. Put the butter into the chafing dish, add the roe (after boiling it ten minutes in salted water), and break up lightly with a fork, add the eggs, mashed fine, bread-crumbs, parsley, pepper and salt, stirring till mixed; add lemon juice just before serving. Hannah Smith.

Finnan Haddie

Take one-half of a finnan haddie, pick-up and cook in fresh butter, adding a cup of pure cream, one hard-boiled egg cut in small squares, the yolk of a raw egg and one teaspoonful of grated cheese. Thicken with a cream sauce, season with salt and pepper. Cook slowly for ten minutes. Serve in a chafing dish with small pieces of dry toast. B. O. H.

Anchovy Toast

Previously prepare thin slices of buttered toast with anchovies spead upon them. Keep hot. Put into the chafing dish a tablespoonful of butter with which is mixed a teaspoonful of dry mustard, two tablespoonfuls of tomato sauce, one teaspoonful of mushroom sauce. As soon as thoroughly mixed lay in this sauce, which should be of smooth texture and rich in color, slices of four hard-boiled eggs, with a little salt and cayenne pepper strewn over them. When heated, pour over the anchovy toast, being careful not to break the slices of eggs. There will be but little sauce, but what there is will be very appetizing. Sarah Bryan.

Shrimps A La New York

Take four tablespoonfuls of butter, a quart of shrimps, two table-spoonfuls of flour and a quart of milk. Season with salt and pepper. The butter must be melted in the chafing dish, then the flour and seasoning stirred in, also the milk. Wash and dry the shrimps, cut them in pieces and add to the dish. After five minutes' stirring they are ready to be served. Mina Murdie.

Dried Beef

First let the dried beef stand a short time in cold water, to draw out the salt. Then melt two tablespoonfuls of butter in a chafing dish and put in one-half pound of dried beef shaved very thin and one-half cupful of milk and cream. Let it simmer ten minutes and stir in one egg. When the eggs are cooked it is done. H. A. Hampton.

Minced Crab

Take about a pint of crab meat, one hard-boiled egg, chop very fine, add one tablespoonful of butter and one-half pint of pure cream. Season thoroughly, place in pan, and cook for eight or nine minutes. Thicken with a cream sauce, and when cooked thoroughly add a glass of sherry; serve in chafing dish. Mrs. W. B. Pachaly.

Venison Steak

Have a steak of venison cut quite thin. Take one-quarter of a pound of butter, one-half glass of currant jelly, one glassful of sherry, salt and pepper to taste. Mix the butter and jelly together in the chafing dish and when melted lay into it the steak which has had the pepper and salt scattered over it, turn the steak several times until it is quite done, then pour over the sherry; cover closely two minutes and serve immediately.

L. C. Mellen.

Stewed Veal

Cut two pounds of veal into squares. Set on fire to boil, and as soon as it does so, change the water, putting in only enough to cover. Add salt, pepper, a whole onion with three cloves stuck in it, a small bunch of aromatic herbs, one-half of a carrot, five small white onions, and one-quarter of a pound of salt pork; cut up into dice-shaped pieces. Boil three-quarters of an hour and take out the whole onion, herbs and carrot. Mix smooth two spoonfuls of flour in a little water, add to the meat and stir till it comes to a boil. Let simmer a few moments. This stew should be served in a chafing dish. Mrs. P. Phillips.

Clams On Toast

Chop fine twenty clams, add a teacupful of the liquor of the clams, a piece of butter the size of an egg, a dash of Tabasco sauce or pepper sauce and salt and black pepper. Stir the butter and liquor together in the blazer, add the clams and stew for eight minutes, stirring continually. Add a dash of Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. Let the whole come to a boil, and pour over the hot slices of toast. Mrs. F. Frehling.

Calf's Liver And Mushrooms

Take part of a calf's liver which has been stewed gently in butter and a little water in the morning and cut it into small, even squares. Mix with one-half pound of butter, the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs, put into the chafing dish and add seasoning of salt, a very little cayenne pepper, and a pinch of dry mustard. When heated, put in the liver and part of a can of mushrooms sliced. When it has cooked five minutes add a small glass of Madeira and serve with hot toast. Mrs. N. Sampson.