FROM earliest ages, the care of the person has engaged the attention of all who desire to be admired. Each year a new growth of ideas in this direction is springing up, not alone among the women, but the men, until to-day it has come to be understood, that in order to gain approbation from a standpoint of looks, attention to the toilet is necessary.

There is a great call for absolutely pure recipes and harmless suggestions in improving the skin, in warding off wrinkles; in preserving the hair, in keeping the figure erect, teaching good poise, etc., etc. I give only those that have been tried and pronounced a success.

Among the many things made possible for women by nineteenth century science is a beautiful complexion and a graceful form.

Age need make no difference in these days of progress - the woman of fifty is as attractive and as much admired as her young daughter.

Is your skin wrinkled and old-looking, your complexion muddy and unhealthy, your neck, cheeks, arms or breasts shrunken and unsightly? Why not remedy the matter?

The Royal Road To Beauty

Breathe deeply, bathe daily - think joy, not sorrow - eat wisely and never speak unkindly.

A Cheerful Disposition

A cheerful disposition and an optimistic view of life do much toward making the beauty suppliant, plump of outline and charming of countenance. When one is blue and moody, the appetite fails, the stomach sulks, digestion and assimilation are interfered with and the entire body suffers from malnutrition. One should get out of doors. -Exercise moderately and rest a good deal. Read helpful books. I would suggest Ralph Waldo Trine's works. Sleep always in a well-ventilated room. One-half hour before breakfast take a dessert-spoonful of pure olive oil in a little lemon juice. The olive oil feeds the system, aids digestion and stimulates the bowels.

Cold Cream

Three-fourths of an ounce of sperm, one-half ounce of white wax, four ounces of oil of sweet almonds, one-half ounce of rose water, one-half ounce of glycerine, one-half drachm of borax, five to ten drops of oil of rose water; melt together with moderate heat, in a granite dish, the sperm and wax, add oil of sweet almonds (do not overheat) dissolve borax in glycerine and rose water, and add to oil and wax as it begins to cool, then whip thoroughly in a Keystone egg-beater or with a wire egg-beater until it begins to cream, then add oil of rose. C. O.

Camphor Ice

One-half ounce of sperm, one ounce of white wax, two ounces oil of sweet almonds or cotton-seed oil; melt together with gentle heat, then add one-half ounce of camphor; when dissolved and partly cooled add four drops of oil of bitter almonds and eight drops of oil of mace; pour into molds. Druggist.

Glycerine Cream

Three-fourths of an ounce of sperm; one-half ounce of white wax, four ounces of cotton-seed oil, one-half ounce of camphor, one-half ounce of rose water, two drachms of glycerine, ten grains of powdered borax; melt together the sperm and white wax, add the oil, then the camphor; when dissolved add the glycerine mixed with the rose water and borax; stir until nearly cold, then pour into molds. F. M.

Sure Cure For Pimples

It requires self-denial to get rid of pimples, for persons troubled with them will persist in eating fat meats and other articles of food calculated to produce them. Avoid the use of rich gravies, or pastry, or anything of the kind in excess. Take all the outdoor exercise you can and never indulge in a late supper. Retire at a reasonable hour and rise early in the morning. Sulphur to purify the blood may be taken three times a week - a thimbleful in a glass of milk before breakfast. It takes some time for the sulphur to do its work, therefore persevere in its use till the humors, or pimples have all disappeared. M. T. N.

How To Reduce The Pores Of The Skin

An excellent astringent wash which will make enlarged pores smaller and less unsightly is made by putting into a one-half-pint bottle one and one-half ounces of cucumber juice, half filling the bottle with elder-flower water, adding one ounce of eau de cologne, and shaking well; adding one-half ounce of simple tincture of benzoin and filling bottle with elder-flower water. Get the juice of the cucumbers by slicing, without peeling, adding a suggestion of water, boiling to a pulp, cooling, and straining through muslin. Stimulating the functions of the skin by a daily bath with a soft flesh brush and tepid salt water will make the complexion clearer. The skin all over the body is constantly undergoing a process of decay and renewing. Unless the epidermis is kept clean and free from the excretions that the pores are continually sending out, this process of renewing is very much hampered. G. M.

For A Rough Skin

You will find camphorated cream the best emollient. It is very easily made as follows: Take four ounces of olive oil, one-quarter of an ounce of white wax, one ounce of spermaceti, one ounce of lanoline, one-eighth of an ounce of camphor gum. Heat the five ingredients until the camphor is dissolved, take off the stove, beat with an egg-beater until the mass concretes, use as you would cold cream or any other unguent. C. F.

How To Clear A Sallow Skin

The real cure for a sallow skin must be from within. One can, of course, use for the face a whitener which will temporarily make it look fair, or can use a face bleach, but the best plan is to try to remove the cause, which is probably a sluggish liver.