Baked Chocolate Custard

For five small custards use one pint of milk, two eggs, one ounce of chocolate, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt and a piece of stick cinnamon about one inch long. Put the cinnamon and milk in the double boiler, place on the fire, and cook for ten minutes. Shave the chocolate and put it in a small pan with three tablespoonfuls of sugar and one tablespoonful of boiling water. Stir this over a hot fire until smooth and glossy and then stir it into the hot milk, after which take the liquid mixture from the fire and cool. Beat together with a spoon the eggs, salt and two tablespoonfuls of the sugar. Add the cooled milk and strain. Pour the mixture into the cups which place in a deep pan. Pour into the pan enough tepid water to come nearly to the top of the cups. Bake in a moderate oven until firm in the center. It will take about one-half hour. Test by running a knife through the center. If the custard is milky it is not done. Serve very cold. Maria Parloa.

Plain Custard

Beat to a froth two eggs with two tablespoonfuls of sugar, a very little salt and one quart of rich, sweet milk; flavor. Bake until thick. If taken out as soon as thick it will not be watery. Mrs. Mary Tatman.

Morris Custard

To one pint of boiling milk add one teaspoonful of corn-starch, one-half cupful of sugar, the yolks of two eggs, a little salt and extract to flavor. Mrs. R. Scales.

Boston Cup Castard

Take two eggs, one-half coffee-cupful of new milk and a dessertspoonful of white powdered sugar. Stir the sugar into the milk, add the eggs which should be well beaten; pour into a breakfast cup and bake till quite set - about one-quarter of an hour. Turn out on a plate and serve alone or with a little stewed fruit. Mrs. Jennie Boyd.

Brown Custard

Scald one quart of milk, but do not boil; beat five eggs light with three tablespoonfuls of sugar and pour upon them the hot milk. Mix well, adding nutmeg and flavoring extract to taste; bake in a well-buttered dish. Turn out when cold; strew very thickly with white sugar. Set the plate containing the custard upon the upper grating of a hot oven. The sugar will melt and run in brown streams all over the molded pudding. Slip carefully to a dish; eat cold. Mrs. Hamilton.

Custard Royale

For the custard season two whole eggs with a little white pepper and salt and mix them with two tablespoonfuls of cream; color one-half with a drop or two of carmine; pour the two custards into two cups and stand these on a piece of paper in a stew-pan three parts full of boiling water, and let them steam till firm; then turn them out and when cold slice the custard and stamp the slices out in rounds the size of a dime; rinse in warm water and use. Be careful when cooking the custard that only the surrounding water boils, for should the custard itself boil it will not cook smoothly. Mrs. Frank Baxter.