Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate Marble Cake

Put one ounce of chocolate and one tablespoonful of butter in a cup, and set this in a pan of boiling water. Beat to a cream one-half cup of butter and one cup of sugar. Gradually beat in half a cup of milk. Now add the whites of six eggs, beaten to a stiff froth; one teaspoonful of vanilla, and a one and one-half cups of sifted flour, in which is mixed one teaspoonful of baking-powder. Put about one-third of this mixture into another bowl and stir the melted butter and chocolate into it. Drop the white-and-brown mixture in spoonfuls into a well-buttered, deep cake-pan, and bake in a moderate oven for about forty-five minutes; or, the cake can be baked in a sheet and iced with a chocolate or white icing.

Maria Parloa.

Chocolate Loaf Cake

Take one and three-fourths cupfuls of sugar, two eggs, one-fourth of a cup of butter, one-half cup of sweet milk, two cups of flour, three tea-spoonfuls of baking-powder, one-quarter of a cake of chocolate dissolved in one-half cup of boiling water. Put the chocolate in last. Flavor with vanilla; stir hard. N. Gaylord.

Chocolate Glace Cake (Loaf Style)

Beat to a cream a generous half-cup of butter, and gradually beat into this one cup of sugar. Add one ounce of chocolate, melted; also, two unbeaten eggs; beat vigorously for five minutes, then stir in one-half cup of milk, and lastly one and one-half cups of flour, with which has been mixed one generous teaspoonful of baking-powder. Flavor with one teaspoonful of vanilla; pour into a buttered, shallow cake-pan, and bake for one-half hour in a moderate oven. When cool, spread with glace icing.

Glace Icing

Put one-half cup of sugar and three tablespoonfuls of water in a small saucepan. Stir over the fire until the sugar is nearly melted. Take the spoon from the pan before the sugar really begins to boil because it would spoil the icing if the syrup were stirred after it begins to boil. After boiling gently for four minutes, add one-half teaspoonful of vanilla extract, but do not stir; then set away to cool. When the syrup is about blood warm, beat it with a wooden spoon until thick and white. Now put the saucepan in another with boiling water, and stir until the icing is thin enough to pour. Spread quickly on the cake. Maria Parloa.

Gold Cakes

Silver Or Gold Cake

A generous half-cup of butter, one and one-half cups of sugar, two full cups of sifted flour, one-half cup of sweet milk, one teaspoonful of cream of tartar, one-half teaspoonful of soda and the whites of eight eggs. The gold cake is made with precisely the same ingredients save that the yolks of eight eggs are used. A. O. W.

Gold Cake - No. 2

Beat well the yolks of eight eggs, one cupful of granulated sugar, one-quarter of a cupful of butter, one-half cupful of sweet milk, one and one-half cupfuls of flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking-powder; cream the butter and sugar together. Beat the yolks thoroughly and stir in the butter and sugar; add the milk, then the flour, and stir hard. Bake in a cake mold about forty minutes. B. Stacey.

Pork Cakes

Pork Cake

One pound of salt pork chopped fine, three cups of boiling water, three cups of molasses, two cups of sugar, three teaspoonfuls of soda, two pounds of raisins (chopped and rubbed in flour), one grated nutmeg, two teaspoonfuls of cloves and two teaspoonfuls of cinnamon; stiffen with flour. Long bread-pans are nicest in which to bake the cake.

Mrs. Oliver Huff.

Pork Cake - No. 2

A very rich cake is made of the following ingredients: Chop one pound of fat pork very fine, stone and chop one pound of raisins; pour a pint of boiling water over the pork. Mix with this one cup of molasses, two cups of sugar, eight cups of flour, one tablespoonful of ground cloves, one tablespoonful of cinnamon, one tablespoonful of soda, one egg; add the white of the egg last. Mrs. Sarah Royce.

Loaf Cocoanut Cakes

Loaf Cocoanut Cake

One-half cup of butter, one cup of sugar, one and one-half cups of flour, one rounding teaspoonful of baking-powder, two eggs, one cup of grated cocoanut and a pinch of salt; beat butter and sugar till light and creamy, add the yolks of the eggs, then the flour, salt and baking-powder sifted together alternately with the cocoanut; lastly, fold in the whites of the eggs gently, so as not to destroy their lightness. Bake in a steady oven about forty minutes. Mrs. Julia Cross.

Cocoanut Loaf Cake - No. 3

Use one cup of butter, four eggs (beaten separately), two cups of white sugar, one-half cup of sweet milk, one-half pound of dessicated cocoanut, one teaspoonful of baking-powder; flour must be sifted in so as to make a soft batter but not soft enough to run. Bake slowly. Clara Buckley.

Cocoanut Loaf Cake - No. 3

Beat one-fourth cupful of butter to a cream; add gradually one cupful of powdered sugar, then three-fourths of a cupful of milk, then one cupful of cocoanut, add one heaping teaspoonful of baking-powder to two cupfuls of flour and sift; add flour and one teaspoonful of vanilla; fold in lightly the well-beaten whites of four eggs; bake in a loaf. This same recipe makes an excellent white cake by leaving out the cocoanut. C. A. R.

Cocoa Cake (All Measurements Should Be Level)

One-half cupful of butter, one cupful of sugar, three eggs, one tea-spoonful of vanilla, three-fourths of a cupful of milk, six tablespoonfuls of cocoa, two teaspoonfuls of baking-powder and one and one-half to two cupfuls of sifted pastry flour. Cream the butter in a warm dish until soft, but not melted. Stir in the sugar gradually, beating well; then the beaten yolks of the eggs; also the vanilla. Sift the baking-powder and cocoa with one-half cupful of the flour and stir this into the mixture first; then alternate the milk and the flour, using enough flour to make the mixture stiff enough to drop from the spoon. Beat vigorously, then fold in the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs. Bake in a loaf in a moderately hot oven thirty-five or forty minutes, according to the size and shape of the pan.

Miss Elizabeth K. Burr.