Farina Puddings

Farina Tart Pudding

One cupful of sugar, the whites of six eggs, one-quarter of a cupful of zwiebach (German toast), three-quarters of a cupful of farina. If you do not wish the toasted bread substitute a full cupful of farina. Add one-half pound of shelled walnuts, two teaspoonfuls of baking-powder. Bake and make a cream filling. Mrs. H. A. Bonard.

Farina Pudding

To one and one-half cupfuls of boiling milk add one-half cupful of farina and cook seven or eight minutes. Rub together a teaspoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of sugar. Add the yolks of two eggs and one dozen blanched almonds. Then add the whites of three eggs beaten to a froth. This pudding should be boiled in a mold one hour and any pudding sauce is suitable to accompany it. Mrs. C. Baldwin.

Rhubarb Puddings

Rhubarb Pudding

Chop enough rhubarb to nearly fill your baking dish and sprinkle sugar over it. Mix in another dish one cupful of sour milk, two eggs, butter the size of an egg, one-half teaspoonful of soda and flour to make a batter as for cake. Spread over the rhubarb and bake until done. Turn out on the platter upside down and serve with cream and sugar.

Mrs. I. R. Dalzill.

Rhubarb Pudding - No. 2

Line the pudding dish with thin slices of bread and butter, cover with rhubarb cut into two-inch lengths strewed with sugar. Then alternate slices of bread with a layer of rhubard till the dish is full, having the rhubarb on top. Pour in one-half teacupful of water, cover with a plate and bake one-half hour. Eat with cream sauce.

Mrs. Eliza Fromington.

Cocoanut Puddings

Raisin Cocoanut Pudding

Mix two eggs well beaten with a cupful of new milk and the milk of the cocoanut, if the latter is quite sweet. Take off the brown skin of the nut and grate the white part as finely as possible. Mix it with three table-spoonfuls of finely-grated bread-crumbs, three tablespoonfuls of sifted sugar, two ounces of butter beaten to cream, six ounces of Muscatel raisins, and a teaspoonful of lemon rind thinly sliced. Beat all well together, pour the mixture into a well buttered pie dish and bake it in a rather slow oven. Turn it out and serve with sifted sugar strewn over it. This pudding may be either baked or boiled. Mrs. C. Haddon.

Cream Cocoanut Pudding

Put one pint of milk in a double boiler; rub four tablespoonfuls of corn-starch in a little cold milk, then add to the scalding milk, stirring until thickened. Beat the whites of three eggs to a very stiff froth; add one-half cupful of sugar and the whites to the pudding. Beat well over the fire for three minutes, then add two cupfuls of cocoanut and one tea-spoonful of vanilla, and turn into a mold to harden. Serve with vanilla sauce. Mrs. George Gregory.

Sago Puddings

English Sago Pudding

Three-quarters of a cupful of pearl sago washed and put into one quart of milk; let it stand on the heater until the sago has well swelled. While hot, put in two tablespoonfuls of butter with one cupful of white sugar and one teaspoonful of vanilla. When cool, add the well-beaten yolks of three eggs, then put in a buttered pudding dish and bake from one-half to three-quarters of an hour; when done remove and place to cool. Beat the whites of the eggs with two tablespoonfuls of sugar till light and frothy; spread the pudding with either jelly or jam and then cover with frosting; put in the oven for a couple of minutes to brown.

A. F. G.

Cream Sago Or Apple Sago Pudding

Make the same as Cream Tapioca and Apple Tapioca Pudding, substituting sago for tapioca.

Tapioca Puddings

Tapioca Cream Pudding

One cupful of tapioca soaked over night in cold water. Boil one quart of milk and stir in the tapioca; boil ten minutes, stirring all the time. Dissolve one tablespoonful of corn-starch in one-half cupful of milk, add the beaten yolks of four eggs, stir into the tapioca; add a little salt, sweeten to taste and boil up once. Flavor to taste. Beat the whites of four eggs and two tablespoonfuls of sugar; flavor, spread over the pudding and brown lightly in the oven. One-half of this quantity is sufficient for a good-sized family. Mrs. Lottie Miller.

Baked Tapioca Pudding

Wash four tablespoonfuls of tapioca in water, let it boil with one quart of milk and the thin rind of a lemon or an orange, or one inch of cinnamon. Pour it into a basin, let it get cold, sweeten it and take out the peel. Beat it up with three eggs and an ounce of butter. Pour it into a buttered dish and bake the pudding in a hot oven. The edge of the dish may be lined with puff paste or not. Mrs. E. Eaton.

Apple Tapioca Pudding

Soak one cupful of tapioca over night in six cupfuls of water. Next morning add six large tart apples chopped fine, one cupful of sugar and bake slowly about four hours. Serve either warm or cold with sweetened cream. Mrs. H. Hunting.