Celery (86) Oysters (18) Olives

Bisque of Prawns, Carolina

Sea Bass, Piombino Potatoes, Julienne (799)

Venison Chops, Puree of Chestnuts

Cucumbers, Saute, Lyonnaise (547)

Coquilles of Lobster, Parisienne (436)

Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce (67)

Chicory Salad (38)

Pudding, Italienne

2942. Bisque Of Prawns, Carolina

Thoroughly wash and drain one and a half pounds fresh prawns. Heat an ounce butter in a saucepan, add prawns, with a finely sliced small carrot, an onion, a leek and two branches celery, briskly cook for fifteen minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile, then place in mortar and pound to a pulp. Remove and place in the pan again, pour in one gill white wine, a quart fresh or canned tomatoes and one and a half quarts water. Add two branches parsley, a branch chervil and a heaping "teaspoon salt, mix well with wooden spoon and briskly cook for ten minutes. Add three ounces raw Carolina rice, mix well and let gently boil for an hour, occasionally mixing at bottom. Press bisque through sieve into a vessel, then through Chinese strainer into a saucepan and reset on fire. As soon as it comes to boil add a gill cream, half ounce good butter, a handful freshly cooked rice, two saltspoons cayenne and saltspoon grated nutmeg. Mix well while cooking for five minutes, pour into soup tureen and serve.

2943. Sea Bass, Piombino

Scale, cut off fins, wash and neatly wipe a three-pound sea bass, place in oval pan with a half ounce butter, half gill claret, one and a half gills water, the juice of quarter of a sound lemon, two branches parsley, a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Cover fish with a buttered paper, place lid on pan, gently boil for five minutes on range, then set in the oven for forty minutes. Remove, take up bass and place on a hot dish without breaking it. Pour one and a half gills demi-glace (No. 122) into sauce and let reduce on open fire for twelve minutes. Shift pan to corner of range, drop in little by little a half ounce good butter, mixing continually while adding.

Stone twelve olives, place in a small saucepan with six each fresh mussels and little neck clams, with six heads canned mushrooms. Pour in two tablespoons sherry, cover pan and briskly cook for five minutes. Strain sauce through a cheesecloth into this garnishing, mix well, pour sauce, etc., and sprinkle a little chopped parsley over the fish and serve.

2944. Venison Chops, Puree Of Chestnuts

Neatly trim and flatten six venison chops, season all over with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon black pepper. Thoroughly heat a tablespoon melted butter in sautoire, add chops one beside another, cook for five minutes on each side, dress a puree of chestnuts (No. 1019) on a hot dish, pyramid-like and arrange chops around. Remove fat from pan, add three tablespoons currant jelly and mix until thoroughly melted. Pour in a gill tomato sauce (No. 16), mix well, boil for two minutes, pour sauce over chops and serve,

2945. Pudding, Italienne

Place in a bowl six chopped candied marrons, four crushed macaroons, two ounces stale cake or bread crumbs, three tablespoons lemon sugar, two eggs, yolks of two others, one and a half gills cream, two tablespoons rum, two ounces each chopped candied orange and Smyrna raisins, and sharply stir with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Lightly butter and flour a plain pudding mould, drop in preparation and cover it with a buttered paper, place mould in saucepan, pour hot water in pan up to half the height of mould and set in oven for forty-five minutes. Remove, take up mould from pan, let rest for five minutes, unmould on a dish, pour rum sauce (No. 41) over and serve.