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Puree of Sorrel with Peas Baked Weakfish with Bacon (1845) Potatoes, Christiana

Sweetbreads Braise, Macddoine

Stuffed Lettuce Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce (67) Chicory Salad (38) Cantaloup Surprise

2373. Puree Of Sorrel With Peas

Thoroughly wash and drain two quarts fresh sorrel, then slice them finely, place in a large saucepan with an ounce butter and cook on the fire fifteen minutes, or till the moisture is nearly evaporated, stirring once in a while. Then add pint of shelled green peas, three good-sized, peeled, sliced, raw potatoes, one sliced onion, one bean crushed garlic, two branches chervil and a pound piece of lean salt pork. Moisten with three quarts water. Season with a teaspoon salt, one teaspoon sugar and half teaspoon pepper. Mix well, cover the pan and let slowly boil two hours, mixing a little once in a while. Lift up the pork and save it for later use. Add two gills milk, mix well, then boil five minutes. Press the puree through a sieve into a basin, then through a Chinese strainer into a soup tureen, and serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

2374. Potatoes, Christiana

Boil six peeled, good-sized, sound potatoes in two quarts boiling water with a teaspoon salt thirty minutes. Thoroughly drain them, then press them through a potato masher into a sauteuse, add six medium anchovies in oil cut in short pieces, half a teaspoon chopped parsley, half teaspoon French mustard, half a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper and half a saltspoon grated nutmeg; add two egg yolks, and half an ounce of butter, place the pan on the fire and sharply stir with the spatula while cooking five minutes. Remove from the fire. Divide the puree into twelve even parts, roll them out on a lightly floured table to apple-like shapes, dip them in beaten eggs, then lightly roll in bread crumbs; arrange them in a frying basket and fry in boiling fat until of a nice golden colour. Drain on a cloth, dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin and serve.

2375. Sweetbreads Braise, Macedoine

Soak six heart sweetbreads in water for two hours. Remove and plunge in two quarts boiling water with a teaspoon salt for five minutes. Drain on a sieve and neatly trim them. Place in a sauteuse one finely sliced medium carrot and small onion, one ounce larding pork cut in small pieces, and place the breads on top. Season with half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, adding tablespoon melted butter, place on the fire and cook five minutes. Moisten with threefourths of a pint of broth (No. 701) and briskly boil five minutes, then set them in the oven thirty minutes. Remove, arrange six round pieces freshly prepared toasts two inches in diameter on a hot dish. Place the breads on top, neatly arranged crown-like. Dress a macedoine, prepared as per No. 233 in the centre. Skim fat from surface of the gravy, then let reduce on open fire eight minutes, strain it through a Chinese strainer over the breads and serve.

2376. Stuffed Lettuce

Clip off the stalks and pick off the stale leaves from six very small, sound heads of lettuce, plunge them in two quarts boiling water with teaspoon salt and boil five minutes. Lift up with a skimmer and let cool off in cold water, then carefully press out all the water. Split them in two. Skin three country sausages, place the meat on a plate, add a little chopped parsley and three chopped canned mushrooms, mix well. Divide the force in the lettuce, give their former shape, then tie them around with a string. Place in a sautoire half a sliced carrot, half a sliced onion, one branch parsley, one bay-leaf and one clove, place the lettuce over them. Season with a light teaspoon salt and three salt-spoons pepper. Arrange a thin slice of pork on top of each lettuce, then moisten with two gills broth, two tablespoons sherry and one gill demi-glace (No. 122). Boil five minutes, set in the oven forty minutes. Remove, untie, dress on a hot dish, skim fat from the surface of gravy and let the gravy reduce eight minutes on the range, then strain through a Chinese strainer over the lettuce, arrange six heart shape bread croutons (No. 90) around and serve.

2377. Cantaloup, Surprise

Prepare a pint only of vanilla ice cream (No. 42). Cut three small or medium ice-cold muskmelons in halves lengthwise, pick out the seeds and spongy parts, then scoop out the meat, cut it into very small pieces, and place in a bowl with an ounce sugar and two tablespoons curagao. Mix well, then replace in the six half-melon shells. Evenly divide the vanilla ice cream over them. Neatly smooth the surface to dome-like shapes. Pour a tablespoon raspberry syrup and sprinkle a little finely shredded cocoanut over each, dress on dish with a folded napkin and serve.