Spread the table with the very whitest of linen, and of the best quality you can afford. Potted plants, vines or cut flowers may be used for decoration. Ribbons have been in vogue for some time, placed flat on the table with bows at the corners, or festooned to the center gas jet. The fashion for one season may so change that one would be quite out of style to use the same for a second season. The following suggestions may serve as helpful reminders when preparing for New Year's calls. Remember always that an appetizing sandwich is always appreciated more than rich pastry, and a good cup of coffee or chocolate is liked by nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand persons, and the same large proportion will honor and respect the hostess who abstains wholly from offering alcoholic drinks. The quantity imbibed in your house alone might not intoxicate, but when yours is multiplied by ten, fifteen, twenty or more, the result is very apt to be appalling. Any of the following dishes are suitable for the occasion: Cold roast turkey, boned turkey, cold roast chicken, ham, tongue, scalloped oysters, jellied meats, salads, pickles, Charlotte Russe, light and dark fruit cake, fruits, nuts, ices, coffee, chocolate, lemonade, confectionery. Two chickens pressed, 1 ten pound turkey, 2 molds of Charlotte Russe will suffice for 25 persons. A keen-edged knife will cut a cake of ordinary size into 40 pieces. Large pieces should be avoided.

Lenten Breakfast

Fresh Dates.

Fine Hominy with Milk or Cream.

Baked Eggs. Lyonnaise Potatoes.

Graham Gems. Coffee.

Lenten Dinner

Tomato Soup.

Baked Macaroni with Cheese.

Hubbard Squash. Potatoes. Lima Beans.

Lettuce Salad. Crackers.

Baked Indian Pudding. Tea.

Lenten Supper

Lobster Farcie. Potatoes a la Creme.

Cabbage Salad. Hot Rolls.

Warm Gingerbread. Tea. Stewed Cranberries.

Easter Dinner

Cream Tomato Soup.

Scalloped Eggs. Brown Bread.

Roast Tenderloin of Beef! Succotash.

Asparagus. White Turnips. Tomatoes.

Cabbage Salad.

Ambrosia. Nuts. Raisins. Cake.