UNDER the head of "The Table," I include the setting of the table, the garnishing or decorating the dishes, the etiquet of the table, and carving. Dishes must be good and well cooked, of course. To have them tastefully arranged and gracefully served is not less important. Nothing displays the housewife's taste more. When the food is rich it gives it an added charm. When plain it will atone for the lack. No one is insensible to its influence. Many housekeepers sadly neglect this branch of their art, for to serve the food well is an art, and no unimportant one, either. It will pay you to study it. Excel in it, if you can.

Description Of Colored Plates

These colored plates have been prepared to illustrate the manner of garnishing dishes. Any housewife can set her table artistically by simply adopting the suggestions made here and in the chapter on Garnishing - pages 117 and 118.

Cake With Ornamental Frosting

Bake a handsome loaf cake and frost rather thinly with plain white icing. Let get dry before using the ornamentation. Make a cone out of some stiff writing paper, and fasten together with paste or white of egg. Mark on the dry icing with a lead pencil any design desired for vine, wreath, or flowers. For the ornamental frosting, use about a pound of fine icing sugar to the whites of three eggs. Put half the sugar with the eggs in a bowl and beat vigorously with a small wooden paddle. Then add half a teaspoon cream of tartar and half the remaining sugar and beat still longer. Beat away, and add a very little sugar at a time until of the right consistency to flow through the cone. Fill the cone three-fourths full and fold the end down and cut off the point to form the size of hole required. Now guide the cone with the left hand and press the icing out by putting the right thumb on the folded part of the cone. Follow the lines, making light or heavy, as experience will soon teach you. Leave room on the top for some flowers. A Bride's Cake should be placed on a lace paper.

PLATE I. - See Garnishes and Description of Colored Plates.

CAKE   Ornamental Frosting.

CAKE - Ornamental Frosting.


This is a simple arrangement of apples and pears with green leaves interspersed.




A vase of flowers is at the top. The fruit-dish proper is filled with grapes, bananas, and oranges.



Salad - Garnished

This may represent any salad, either vegetable, fish, or chicken. Arrange green leaves of parsley, celery tops, or curled lettuce as prettily as may be, across the top. Capers may be used effectively.

SALAD   Garnished.

SALAD - Garnished.

Lobster - Garnished

The lobster (boiled) may be placed upon a bed of crisp lettuce, with a garnish of halves of cold, hard-boiled eggs, as seen in the cut.

LOBSTER   Garnished.

LOBSTER - Garnished.