Nabours Pear

We have thus far been unable to find out where or when this pear originated, with any degree of certainty; it seems to have come from South Carolina into this section of the country, and is pretty extensively disseminated over the State of Georgia. Size from medium to large; form elongated turbinate; stem from one and a half to two inches in length; basin shallow; calyx of medium size; color greenish yellow, thickly covered with grey russet specks and tracery; flavor buttery, juicy, and sweet; flesh white. Ripens during September. Quality nearly best Tree a vigorous grower on either pear or quince stock; shoots stout and greyish purple in color; leaves very large, coarse, and nearly round; in appearance, the tree resembles the Rostiezer very much. J. Van Buren.

Nabours Pear

Nabours Pear

Naked Place

W. S. (New Haven.) We notice your plan, and the want of trees about grouping them on your lawn about your house, than in making the shrubbery walks you speak of. The large trees, (moved in winter with balls,) will give you shade and foliage immediately - and next year, if you cannot afford to do both now - you may plant your shrubbery, and complete the minor details.

Names Of Plants

(H. H.) The Fern is the Asplenium flabelliforme, a very pretty greenhouse Fern, and useful for baskets. The other pretty little plant has often been mentioned under the name of the Artillery Plant, and called Pilea muscosa, or Thelygonum cynocrambe, a very interesting little plant for the stove. The Cactaceous Plant is one of the Opuntia family, probably Opuntia ficus Indica; but we cannot be certain of this from a bit so small.

(E. S.) Ipomaea quamoclit. (D. MoRwen.) Phytolacca decandria, or Virginian Poke. (J. L.) Cerinthe major, a garden annual.

Names Of Plants - English Vs. Latin

My lriend asks "What is this pretty flower?" "Galasine azurea" "What a long name!" "I cannot shorten it." "But why have a Latin name? Better call it Blue Smiler in plain English." "Then you like such names as Shamrock, Blue-bells, Eglantine and Culowkeys?" Certainly, every one can understand them." "You can recognize the plants?" "Easily." "Well, I can show you in point of endless discussions as to what they are. On the other hand, I defy you to produce two persons who disagree as to what is meant by Euckaris Amazoniea. Paradoxical as it may seem, Latin is, in such matters, more intelligible even to an Englishman than English." - Cor. Journal of Horti-culture

Names Of Trees

(A New Jersey Subscriber.)

We do not know any tree or shrub that bears the name of Nannyberry, Your description answers that of the Kalmia or Mountain Laurel - an evergreen. If you will send us a few inches of a branch we will be able to give you a satisfactory reply.

Names of Fruits

A New- York Subscriber. Colmar d'Aremberg, and Beurre d'Aremberg, are two very distinct fruits. The serrated leaved Early York, is one of the finest early peaches, higher flavored than the other variety with glanded leaves.