The Maclura

A valued correspondent calls our attention to an article that has had some currency in the West, respecting a change of name for the Maclura. The writer, who is a large cultivator of this hedge plant, wishes it to be called "the Prairie Hedge Plant," to which our correspondent very properly objects; he says: "'Osage Orange' is beautiful, romantic, grateful, appropriate; all but universal; these kind of people are no better than the Tame plum, Tame gooseberries, and Tame grapemen! Why dont they call the Hickory the Axe-Helve-Tree? If one has a foolish whim that a horse ought to be called a saddle, let him do so himself quietly, but not disturb conventional Anglo-Saxondom, by printing silly arguments in support of his whim." We apprehend there is no great danger of his.

The Macron, Or Large Chestnut

(Mrs. A.)

We are much obliged for the extracts, but the statements are incorrect. The Wild Chestnut does not become a "Marron" by grafting, nor is the grafting performed in the manner stated. It is difficult to graft.

Maculata Ricinifolia

Very large leaves, artistically cut and very curiously marked.

Madam Wagner

Leaves silvery green, spotted, with very dark edge and centre.

Madame Alfred De Rougemont

Pure white; large and very double; profuse bloomer.

Madame Auguste Defebvre

An elegant variety of a light peach color, striped and blotched with carmine and deep red.

Madame De Besse

Pink, with rosy centre, in the way of Madame Knorr.

Madame La Charme

New white hybrid perpetual. Flowers large, full and finely developed; not wholly white, as center of the flower is heavily tinted with pink. A capital forcing rose for blooming, and of a vigorous habit of growth.

Madame Van Houtte

Light pink, most beautifully cupped; of exquisite form.

Madame Vigneron

Pale pink, large, and very double. A very double and fine new Rose.

Madeira Nuts In California

The walnut (Juglans Regia) crop is quite an item in Los Angelos county California, where more attention has been bestowed upon the propagation of the walnut than in any other part of the State. Fifty thousand pounds of this year's crop have been sold at ten cents per pound.

The Madeira Vine

The Boston Cultivator,in a notice of this charming creeper, reminds the ladies that its roots must be taken up, and preserved through the winter away from frost. "It is a most elegant and beautiful climbing plant, a rapid grower, when planted in rich loam, growing, under favorable circumstances, forty feet in season, and is, therefore, an admirable and desirable plant for covering an arbor, or a screen, or the shading of windows, where climbers are wanted. They may also be cultivated in pots under windows, affording a beautiful shading. The foliage is dark and glossy, and its white flowers numerous and fragrant".


Bright cherry; flowers very full, with good broad guard petal; spike extra fine; a novel and beautiful variety.

Magnitude Of The Evergreen Trade

The tree nurseries of Mr. Robert Douglass, of Waukegan, 111., and F. K. Phoenix, at Bloomington, 111., are the finest and largest in the United States.

Mr. Douglass, if he does any growing, puts out by the 10,000,000, while Mr. Phoenix has one block of seventy acres of evergreens, closely planted.

In apple trees, he plants by the farm, one block being no less than 100 acres and another seventy-five acres, both together numbering 3,500,000 trees.