Wisconsin State Horticultural Society

We should have acknowledged, ere this, the receipt of the Report of this Society for 1873. It is edited by 0. S. Willey, and contains 200 pages of reading, with much valuable information, and essays upon fruits and gardening in the State. It is a useful volume, and quite practical.

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society's Report, 1870 And 1871

We are glad to find so creditable a volume, full of interesting subjects, bearing evidence of enterprise on the part of Secretary, officers and essayists, who have contributed to the interest of the meetings. Besides reports of Sessions of the Society, there are thirty valuable papers contributed by various members, and all of good practical moment. The volume contains 200 pages. The officers are: President, J. S. Stickney, Waraoston; Vice-President, A. G. Tuttle, Baraboo; Recording Secretary, 0. S. Willey, Madison; Corresponding Secretary, Geo. E. Morrow, Madison; Treasurer, George A. Mason, Madison.

Wisconsin, State Agricultural Society

The Report of this Society for 1869, sent us by the Secretary, Mr. J. W. Hoyt, has some very valuable papers in it. We may mention particularly the Essay by O. B. Galusha, of Illinois, on "Timber growing." And the report of F. Q. D'Aligny on the Beet and Beet Root Sugar; other papers of interest are frequent, but we esteem the above alone worth the cost of the volume.


Francis Parkman exhibited cut flowers of single white and purple Wistaria; also, a fine double purple Wistaria, which is perfectly hardy, having been thoroughly tested by Mr. Parkman. It is similar in all respects to the single ones, except that the flowers are perfectly double, which give the cluster a compact appearance. It is a great acquisition.

Wistaria Chinensis

One of the most rapid growing of climbers; has long, pendulous clusters of pale blue flowers in spring and autumn. Rural Home.

With The Bartlett - Late - Which Is A Decided Recommendation

The fruit is of the largest size, of beautiful appearance, and the quality most excellent. The tree is a fine grower, retaining its foliage well through the summer, and bears early, regularly and abundantly. The most promising new variety. Season just preceding the Bartlett.

Wllkins, Near Plttsbubg, Pa

Will you oblige a young florist by giving a list, in your valuable magazine, of the best annual flowers adapted for cutting in summer for bouquets, and selling in market? P. J. T.

[There are really few or no annuals that are just what we should consider desirable to meet the wants of our inquirer. Hardy shrubs or perennials would better answer his purpose; but if he must have annuals, we name the following as among the most desirable: Alyssum varieties; Phlox Drum-mondii varieties; Zinnia Elegans varieties; Calliopsis varieties; Candytuft, white and purple ; and for the latter part of the season, Asters in their numerous varieties, all beautiful.!

Wood Carving

The art of carving in wood is one that arrived at great perfection in centuries gone by, and is now revived. Grinling Gibbons is the most celebrated English name in this department of the arts; Walpote said of him that " he gave to wood the loose and airy lightness of flowers, and chained together the various productions of the elements with a free disorder, natural to each species." W. G. Rogers, of London, is now the most esteemed wood-carver, and we present above two specimens of his work that have been brought to this country as an example of what can be done in this apparently difficult material.

Wood Carving 1400141