Prince's Special Supplementary Catalogue of Bulbous and Tuberous Roots, and of other new and rare species, comprising the most choice and splendid varieties. Linnaen Botanic Garden and Nurseries, Flushing, New York.

William R. Prince, of the veteran Nurseries at Flushing, issues the forty-first edition of a list that comprises much that is desirable to amateurs, and informs us by private letter that he wishes to dispose of whole acres of ornamental trees and plants which the encroachments of builders compel him to sell. Here is a fine opportunity for persons beginning business or laying out extensive grounds.

B. M. Watson's price list of stocks, select fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs, climbers, rosea, grapevines, strawberries, dahlias, bulbs, bedding and green-house plants for 1855. Old Colony Nurseries, Plymouth, Mass.

This list is valuable, as giving an account of each description of fruit and flowers, time of ripening and blooming, and we have not the least doubt from the character of the catalogue, that the articles can be relied on.

Wholesale Catalogue of the Syracuse Nurseries, for the Autumn of 1855, and Spring of 1856. Thorp, Smith, Hanchett & Co., Syracuse, New York.

This is a sheet catalogue of valuable and important trees and plants, for sale in quan-titiea by these enterprising gentlemen, which it will be well for purchasers to consult.

Select list of florists, flowers, consisting of roses, dahlias, verbenas, fuschias, geraniums, salvias, chrysanthemums, etc.

Cultivated and sold by P. R. Freeoff, Auburn, New York. - This forma a valuable list of a great variety of especial favorites, which all lovers of a garden are purchasers of.

Premiums and Regulations for the third annual Fair of the Illinois State Agricultural Society, at Chicago.

Tompkins County Horticultural Society. Premiums, exhibitions, constitution, etc. Ithica, 1855.

Thomas Meehan's Catalogue of his Germantown, Penna., Nurseries, with a select list of new or rare plants, seeds, etc.