Small Blanquet (Poire à la Perle; Petit Blanquet)

Fruit, small; obtuse pyriform. Skin, smooth, shining, and appearing tramparent; pale yellow, almost white, or of a pearl colour, from which the name of a la Perle is derived. Eye, large for the size of the fruit, open and not depressed. Stalk, about half an inch long, inserted by the side of a fleshy lip. Flesh, white, crisp and juicy, with a sweet musky flavour.

A dessert pear; ripe in August. The tree is not vigorous, but hardy and a good bearer; succeeds well as a standard either on the pear or quince.

Knoop gives Petit Blanquet as a synonyme of his Vroege Suckery, but it is not the Petit Blanquet of Duhamel.

Small Winter Beurré. See Besi de Quessoy. Snow. See White Doyenne. Soldat Esperen. See Soldat Laboureur. Soldat Laboureur. See Beurré d'Aremberg.

Soldat Laboureur (Soldat Esperen)

Fruit, large, three inches and three-quarters long, and three inches wide; oblong-obovate, narrowing from the bulge both towards the eye and the stalk. Skin, pale lemon-yellow, marked here and there with tracings of russet, and completely covered with minute russet dots. Eye, large, slightly closed, with long acuminate segments, and placed in a shallow depression. Stalk, an inch long, inserted by the side of a fleshy swelling in a narrow cavity. Flesh, yellowish white, buttery, melting, and very juicy, rich and sugary, having somewhat of the flavour of the Autumn Bergamot.

A very excellent pear; ripe in November. Mr. Blackmore says that at Teddington it is not large, and not very good.

Sophie De L'Ukranie

Fruit, rather large; obovate, even and regular, in shape somewhat resembling White Doyenne. Skin, pale yellow, covered with minute dots on the shaded side, and with a tinge of warm orange next the sun. Eye, open, set in a deep basin. Stalk, an inch long, woody, obliquely inserted. Flesh, neither melting nor juicy, only sweet.

An inferior pear, which blets in November.

Soppige Groentje. See Bergamotte d'Automne.

Souvenir Du CongrÈS

Fruit, large, three inches and a half long, and two inches and three-quarters wide, and often much larger; oblong-obovate, uneven and undulating in its outline. Skin, considerably covered with smooth cinnamon-coloured russet, with here and there patches of the yellow ground colour exposed; on the side next the sun there are streaks of bright crimson and a warm glow of russet. Eye, large and open, deeply set. Stalk, an inch or more long, very stout, inserted either in a pretty deep cavity or on the end of the fruit in a slight one. Flesh, yellowish white, tender, very juicy and melting, with a rich vinous flavour and musky aroma.

A very handsome and excellent pear; ripe in the end of August and beginning of September. It has a great resemblance to Williams's Bon Chrêtien, but is quite a distinct fruit.

Souvenir d'Esperen. See Fondante de Noël. Souverain. See Passe Colmar. Souverain d'Hiver. See Passe Colmar. Spanish Bon Chretien. See Spanish Warden.