The Method of Treatment

The lists of plants do not represent a complete and thoroughly exhaustive study of the subject. The general discussions and groupings will provide persons interested in the use of plant materials with essential facts, in a compact form, concerning the appropriate use of the more permanent species of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, annuals, and bulbs.

The study of plants and their specific uses in landscape planting can to some extent be analyzed and tabulated for reference purposes in the same way that plants are grouped for purposes of identification. This study, however, is not based entirely upon scientific facts, and therefore is subject to personal points of view, and many times no hard and fast line can be drawn which will place any one plant in one list in preference to the possibility of placing it in some other list.

The Arrangement of the Material

At the beginning of each main group, and at the beginning of each sub-heading under the main groups, there is a short discussion of the fundamental principles governing that particular type of classification of plants for landscape uses. This discussion will be of some assistance by way of enabling the reader properly to consult the lists contained under these headings.

A number of chapters are included in this discussion, devoted to the following subjects: Pruning, Planting Seasons, Planting and Transplanting, Maintenance, Winter Protection and Mulching, Lawns, Selection and Planting of Bulbs. The author feels that there should be in a book of this kind a concise statement of the fundamental principles which govern work in this field of Landscape Plantings. These chapters are in no way a complete discussion of these subjects. They are more in the form of instructions and specifications which will serve as a guide in the right direction. For further and more complete information on these subjects reference should be made to the Bibliography (Pages 343 to 351), both of articles and of books, contained in the Appendix to this volume. The author has compiled a bibliography of articles and books which are of distinct value to the reader. But there are many other articles and books, of great interest and value to readers, some of which probably have escaped the author's attention and should be included in this list. This list will be revised from time to time.

The Use of the Index

This book is indexed very completely and in detail and has a reference both to pages and to groups. The reader will note that the book has been paged in the usual manner, and also that on each page the groups have been alphabetically arranged for the purpose of making it more easy to consult information as referred to by the Table of Contents and by the Group Index. As a matter of fact, this Index is almost equally as valuable as the complete list of plants under each of the various groups. By means of this Index the student who is familiar with some plant and wishes to find a proper use for it can readily ascertain the use or uses to which the plant is adapted.