The Symptoms of Inflammation About The Uterus

fever; pelvic pain; small, wiry pulse; nausea and vomiting; tenderness on pressure just above the pubic bone; painful urination and defecation; profuse menstruation.

Inflammations of this sort are much more common than is generally supposed, and are generally very serious in their results. There is a strong tendency to the formation of abscesses. Another serious complication is the inflammation of the broad ligament, which subsequently contracts, thus becoming shortened. This kind of shortening is a common cause of lateral displacements of the uterus.

The Causes of Inflammation About The Uterus

Inflammation following child-birth, abortion, taking cold during the menstrual period, inflammation of the ovary, gonorrhoea, the use of caustics upon or in the uterus, wearing of ill-fitting pessaries, sexual excesses; these are the most common.

The Treatment of Inflammation About The Uterus

An acute attack can generally be checked by a sufficiently thorough and energetic course of treatment. The patient should, be kept perfectly still in bed. If the fever is high, the ice-cap should be applied with ice-compresses or bags filled with ice-cold water to the spine. The most effective measures of treatment, however, are the hot vaginal douche and the hot enema These should be given with great thoroughness. The douche should be taken for an hour at a time, and should be repeated three or four times a day, or it may be given continuously for several hours. This is the most reliable means known for cutting short an inflammation after it has begun. Hot applications should be made to the feet to balance the circulation. The hot blanket pack, as a means of inducing perspiration, is an excellent measure in this disease, as it relieves the congestion of the internal organs. Chronic cases require the persistent use of fomentations over the lower part of the abdomen, hot douches two or three times a day,together with rest in bed and complete functional rest of the affected organs. Attention should be be given to the improvement of the general health by means of a good diet, massage, the use of electricity in various forms, etc. We have thought that the absorption of the hardened mass felt after an attack of this sort has been in many cases stimulated very greatly by the local use of galvanism. Care should be taken, however, to avoid the employment of too strong currents. In one case which had been under treatment for some months, with very great benefit, though the patient was not entirely cured, the lady became somewhat impatient because we refused to employ as strong currents of electricity as she wanted, and resorted to a Chicago physician who made a speciality of the use of electricity. She received from this source the strong current she desired, but the result was most disastrous, as an inflammation was set up which obliged her to return to us, and which we had much difficulty in subduing.