Treatment Of Kaphaja And Tri-Doshaja Type, Etc

In the Kaphaja type of Panatyava. the mucus should be eliminated by taking a potion of wane mixed with the expressed juice or decoction of Vimibi and Vidula (Vetasa). Meat-juice of any fatty Jangala animal mixed with bitter and and pungent articles as also the Mudga-soup made bitter and pungent should be taken as beneficial to the patient. The diet should consist of preparations of barley, flesh of Jangala animals and also the Kapha-subduing articles, as well as those calculated as remedial to the present type of Panatyava. The above kinds of medicines and diet should be combinedly applied in the one due to the concerted action of the three Doshas of the body (Tri-Doshaja type), while in the Dvi-Boshaja types, the treatment should be according to the nature of the predominant Doshas. 18 - 19.

Now I shall describe the medicinal compounds which tend to relieve the delirious state of mind and may be employed for the relief of all forms of Panatyaya in general. The fine powder of Naga-pushpa, Magadhika, E/a, Madhuka, Dhanya, Ajaji and Maricha taken in equal parts mixed copiously with the expressed juice of Kapittha, water and Parushaka should be duly taken in all forms of Panatyaya after the mixture is strained through a piece of cloth. The body of the patient should be anointed with a paste of Haridra, Padma, Paripelava, Karavira, Padmaka, drugs of the Sarivadi group and acquatic flower pasted togather, and clear and cold water should be sprinkled over the body of the patient in a case of Madatyaya. 20-21.

Panaks: - A Pa'nak prepared with Tvak, Patra, Chocha, Markka, Ela, Naga-pushpa and flowers of S'leslimdtaka ground together into a paste and mixed with treacle and Draksha, should be filtered and perfumed and given to a person suffering from an attack of Panatyaya. The patient would find relief by the frequent use of a Panaka (draughts) composed of Yashti-madhu, Katurohini, Draksha and Trapusha-roots, or of Karpasa-roots, Naga-vala and Suvarchala (Surjavarta) all taken in equal parts. 22 - 23.

Treatment Of Para-Mada

A Panaka (cordial) made of the fruits of Kashmarya, Daru, Dadima, Vit, Pippali, Draksha pasted together and disolved in water and taken in combination with the expressed juice of Vijapuraka, instantly gives relief in discomforts due to an abuse of wine (Para-mada). Panakas made of sugar, Draksha, Madkuka, Jiraka, Dhanya, Krishna (Pippali) and Trivrit,or of Souvarchala, the meat-soup (Rasa) of any fatty Jangala animal and Phalamla should be taken. Cold infusion of Bhargi would be found beneficial in sprinkling. 24 - 25.

Treatment Of Panajirna

Vomiting should be induced with an Anjali measure of milk duly cooked with the admixture of Ikshvaku, Dhama-rgava, Brikshaka and two kinds of Udumvarika after which the patient should be advised to take wine in the evening in a case of indigestion due to an abuse of wine (Panajirna). Phalamla in combination with Tvak, Pippali, Naga-pushpa, Vid, Hingu, Markka and Eld, or a compouud consisting of Samdhava, vid. Tvak, Chabya, Ela, Hingu, Pippali, Pippali-roots and S'unthi pounded and desolved in warm water should be taken. The food of the patient should be made palatable with the admixture of Khada-jusha * in the present instance. 27.