1. Renninum, Rennin

Renninum, Rennin. Partially purified milk-curdling enzyme from glandular layer of the calf's stomach (Bos taurus), coagulating 25,000 times its weight of fresh milk. It is a yellowish-white powder, grains, scales, saline taste, peculiar odor, soluble in water, dil. ale, hygroscopic; may reduce higher strength with sodium chloride and sugar of milk; with iodine T. S. - no blue; deteriorates rapidly, must be kept cool, in well-stoppered, amber-colored bottles.

2. Papayotin, Papain, Caricin

Papayotin, Papain, Caricin. Albuminous ferment from the fruit of the melon tree or Pawpaw (Car'ica Papa'ya). Tropical America. Tree 6 M. (20°) high, stem 30 Cm. (12') thick, fruit approximates the size of one's head, and contains an acrid, astringent, bitter, milky juice, which soon separates into a coagulum and aqueous liquid, from which latter papayotin is precipitated upon the addition of alcohol. It is a whitish, hygroscopic powder, inodorous, tasteless, soluble in water, glycerin, active in neutral acid, but more so in alkaline solutions; it converts starch into maltose, albuminoids into peptones, and emulsifies fats; should digest 200 times its weight. Papoid, Caroid, etc., are weaker forms (dried juice); slightly inferior to pepsin, greatly inferior to pancreatin. Dose, gr. 2-5 (.13-.3 Gm.).

3. Ingluvin

Ingluvin. This is claimed to be a bitter principle contained in the fowl's gizzard, and again - simply the gizzards cleaned, dried, and pulverized. Dose, gr. 5-15 (.3-1 Gm.).