Drugs Acting On The Heart

Cardiac Tonics, - increase force of heart's contraction, lessening frequency.

Strychnine. Digitalis. Arsenic. Rest. Graded Exercise. Food.

Also iron, iodides, mercury, caffeine, adonis vernalis, convallaria, fresh air in carriage, cheerfulness, encouragement, Schott baths, cupping, bleeding, purging, counter-irritation, douches, etc.

Cardiac Stimulants, - increase both force and number of heart beats.

Ether. Digitalis. Belladonna.

Counter-irritation to praecordia.

Carminatives (Red Pepper. Ginger.)

Also strophanthus, squills, sparteine, camphor, ammonia hyoscyamus, stramonium, amyl nitrite, strychnine, chloroform, ammonia to 5th nerve, cold douche, flagellation, cupping, leeching, food, air, good digestion, active liver, cold weather.

Normal salt solution, one of the most efficient cardiac stimulants, has only a mechanical action, supplying a fluid of the same specific gravity as the blood, which the heart pumps upon until the natural circulation is restored.

Cardiac Sedatives, - lessen force and frequency of pulse.

Opium. Aconite. Potassium. Venesection. Purgatives.

Also hydrated chloral, veratrine, antimony, dilute hydrocyanic acid, ergot, alcohol, chloroform (late effect), ipecac, physostigmine, conium, low diet, diuretics, arrest sensory impressions (warm bath), diaphoretics, warm weather.

Drugs Acting On The Vessels

Vascular Stimulants, - dilate the vessels through the vasomotor centres, equalizing blood pressure.

Nitroglycerin. Amyl Nitrite. Alcohol. Also lobelia, ether, belladonna, liquor ammonii acetatis.

Local Stimulants (on skin), - dilate the vessels by local action.

Heat (poultices, fomentation). Acrid Oils (mustard).

Also volatile oils (turpentine, camphor), irritant metals (zinc, copper, iron), carbon compounds (creosote, phenol, etc.), and pepper.

Vascular Sedatives. See Haematinics and Antiphlogis-tics.