Drugs Acting On Respiration

Respiratory Stimulants, - stimulate respiration by action on brain centres.

Strychnine. Ammonia. Atropine.

Also aconite, belladonna, hyoscyamus, stramonium, camphor, caffeine, and cocaine. Alcohol, ether, and chloroform in first stages.

Respiratory Depressants, - lower action of respiratory centre.

Heroine. Hydrated Chloral. Chloroform.

Also opium, ether, alcohol, antimony, and hydrocyanic acid.

Drugs Acting On The Bronchial Tubes

Pulmonary Sedatives, - relieve cough and dyspnoea. Heroine. Opium. Hydrocyanic Acid.

Also codeine, hydrated chloral, bromides, oil of turpentine, belladonna, hyoscyamus, cannabis indica, chloroform, and wild cherry.

Expectorants, - modify bronchial secretion and aid its expulsion.

(1) Depressant Expectorants.

Antimony. Ipecac. Alkalies.

Also apomorphine, iodides, and general depressants, as opium, hydrated chloral, etc.

(2) Stimulant Expectorants. Ammonium Chloride. Ammonium Carbonate. Squill.

Also balsam of Peru, balsam of tolu, creosote, senega, benzosol, aromatic oils, acids, and syrups.

Inhalations, - used to stimulate the bronchi, disinfect secretions, or relieve spasms.

Benzoin. Creosote. Amyl Nitrite.

Also turpentine, oil of eucalyptus, stramonium, conium, chloroform, tobacco, nitre paper, steam.