See Baobab and Couscous.


See Gum Arabicum.


(From Lambdacismus 4633 the Greek letter λ ). A defect in speech, consisting in an inability to pronounce certain consonants, particularly L.


Prorae sutura, (from the Greek letter Λ, and Lambdotdes 4634 likeness). The name of the suture which runs betwixt the ossa occipitis and parietalia, called from its resemblance to the Greek letter A, lambda. It is also a name of the os hyoides.


Little laminae.


(From Lamina 4635 from to beat off). A bone, or any substance resembling a thin plate of metal. The lap of the ear.

Lamina Cribrosa

The cribriform lamella; the horizontal plate of the os ethmoides, through which the olfactory nerves pass.

Laminae Spongiosae Inferiores

See Conchae narium inferiores.


(From lama, a ditch, where it usually grows). Dead nettle.

Lamium album, Lin. Sp. Pl. 809, urtica mortua, Archangelica flore albo, urtica alba, urtica iners. White Archangel, or dead nettle.

Lamium lute' um; galeopsis galeobdolon Lin. Sp. Pl. 810, galeopsis, leucas montana. See Galeobdolqn. Yellow Archangel.

Lamium maculatum, Lin. Sp. Pl. 809, galeopsis lu-tea, milzadella, urtica lactea. Spotted Archangel.

Lamium rubrum, also called tamium purpureum faetidum,galeofiis; lamium purpureum Lin. Sp. Pl. 808. Red Archangel, or small dead nettle.

Infusions of these plants arc commended in the fluor albus; but experience hath not supported the. high character given them by popular report.


See China orientalis.


(From Lampouris 4637 to shine). See Cicindela.


(From Lampsana 4638 to evacuate; because it relaxes the bowels,) papillaris herba, napium, endi-via erecta, etc. dog cresses, nipple wort, is a rough plant, bearing small yellow flosculous flowers; annual; growing wild in fields, and by the sides of the roads. It is one of the bitter lactescent plants, nearly similar in virtues to dandelion and endive. It hath been applied to ulcerations on the nipples, whence one of its names; but the present practice does not notice it. It is also a name of rapistrum.


(From lanio, to tear). Wool. Burnt wool is escharotic.

Lana succida. Sordid or yoaky (unwashed) wool; aplytos by the Greeks.


(From its woolly leaves). A name of the lychnis sylvestris, saponaria, and verbasenm.


Applied to leaves covered with a downy softness.


A well known surgical instrument. Languor, (from Lancet 4639 to pinc). Weakness Of Mind And Body.

Languor panno'.nicus. See Amphimerina Hungarica.