Wet the place with naphtha, repeating as often as is required, but frequently one application will dissolve the paint. As soon as it is softened, rub the surface clean. Chloroform, mixed with a small quantity of spirit ammonia, has been very successfully employed in removing the stains of dry paint from wood, silk, and other substances.

How To Destroy Paint

Mix one part by weight of pearlash with three parts quick-stone lime, by slaking the lime in water and then adding the pearlash, making the mixture about the consistency of paint. Lay the above over the whole of the work required to be cleaned with an old brush, let it remain fourteen or sixteen hours, when the paint can be easily scraped off.

How To Remove Paint

In those cases where it is requisite to remove painting entirely from its ground, it is usual to resort to mechanical scraping, or to the very dangerous operation of setting fire to the painted surface immediately after washing it over with oil of turpentine, called turps, for burning off the paint from the old disfigured work, an operation which may be safely and more easily accomplished by laying on a thick wash or plaster of fresh-slaked quick-lime, mixed with soda, which may be washed off with water the following day, carrying with it the paint, grease, and other foulness, so that, when clean and dry, the painting may be renewed as on fresh work.

Cleaning Paint

Provide a plate with some of the best whiting to be had, and have toady some clean warm water and a piece of Manuel, which dip into the water and squeeze nearly dry, then take as much whiting as will adhere to it, apply it to the painted surface, when a little rubbing will instantly remove any dirt or grease. After which wash the part well with clean water, nibbing it dry with a soft chamois leather. Paint thus cleaned looks as well as when first laid on, without injury to the most delicate colors. It is far better than using soap, and does not, require more than half the time and labor.