Richard Chenevix Trench, a British clergyman, born in Dublin, Sept. 9, 1807. He graduated at Cambridge in 1829, and after spending some years in travel took orders in 1833, and became curate to Hugh James Rose at Had-leigh, Suffolk, and in 1835 incumbent of Curd-ridge, a chapelry in the parish of Bishop's-Waltham, Hants. In 1840 he was appointed curate to Archdeacon Wilberforce at Alver-stoke, near Gosport, and in 1844 rector of Itchenstoke. Dr. Wilberforce, being made bishop of Oxford in 1845, appointed Mr. Trench his examining chaplain. During this and the following year he was Hulsean lecturer at Cambridge. From 1846 to 1858 he was theological professor in King's college, Loudon. In 1856 he was made dean of Westminster, and on Jan. 1, 1864, he succeeded Dr. Whately as archbishop of Dublin. He has published the following poetical works: "Justin Martyr, and other Poems" (London, 1835; 5th ed., 1862); " Sabbation, Honor Neale, and other Poems" (1838); "Poems from Eastern Sources," and " Genoveva" (1842; 2d ed., 1851); " Elegiac Poems " (1846); and " Alma " (1854). His theological publications include " Notes on the Parables" (1841; 11th ed., revised, 1870); "The Sermon on the Mount, illustrated from St. Augustine " (London, 1844; 3d ed., 1869); two volumes of Hulsean lectures, " The Fitness of Holy Scripture for unfolding the Scriptural Life of Men " (Cambridge, 1845), and " Christ the Desire of all Nations " (1846); " Notes on the Miracles " (1846; 9th ed., 1870); " Sacred Latin Poetry " (1849; new ed., 1864); " The Star of the Wise Men " (1850); " Sermons preached in Westminster Abbey " (1860); " Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia" (1861; 3d ed., 1866); "Studies on the Gospels" (1867); " Shipwrecks of Faith," three sermons (1867); and " Sermons preached for the most part in Ireland " (1873). Among his philological works are: " The Study of Words" (1851; 15th ed., 1874); " The Lessons in Proverbs " (1853; 6th ed., 1869); " Synonymes of the New Testament" (1854; 2d series, 1863; 7th ed., enlarged, 1871); "English, Past and Present" (1855; 8th ed., 1870); " On some Deficiencies in our English Dictionaries " (1857); " On the Authorized Version of the New Testament" (1858); and "A select Glossary of English Words used formerly in Senses different from their present" (1859; 4th ed., 1865). He has also published " Calderon, his Life and Genius, with Specimens of his Plays" (8vo, 1856; 2d ed., 1865); "Gustavus Adolphus, with other Lectures on the Thirty Years' War" (1865; 2d ed., 1866); and "Plutarch, his Life, his Parallel Lives, and his Morals " (2d ed., 1874); and he has edited " The Remains of the late Mrs. Richard Trench," his mother (1862), and a " Household Book of English Poetry" (1868).