I. Miron

Miron, an American missionary, born in Williston, Vt., Dec. 11,1789, died at "the Cape of Good Hope, Oct. 22, 1864. He graduated at Middlebury college in 1815, and sailed in June, 1819, as missionary to India. After laboring 17 years in Ceylon, he founded a mission at Madras, and was president of the native college which he founded in 1840. He prepared a complete "Dictionary of the Tamil and English Languages" (Madras, 1862), and also published a " History of Missions " (1819), " Memoir of Mrs. Harriet L. Winslow " (1838), and "Hints on Missions to India" (1856).

II. Hubbard

Hubbard, an American clergyman, brother of the preceding, born in Williston, Vt., Oct. 30, 1800, died there, Aug. 13, 1864. He graduated at Yale college in 1825, studied theology there, and became pastor of the Congregational church in Dover, N. H., in 1828, and of the Bowdoin street Congregational church, Boston, in 1832. From 1844 to 1853 he was principal of the Mount Yernon seminary for young ladies in Boston. In 1858-'9 he preached to the first Presbyterian church in Geneva, N. Y., and in 1861 to the 50th street Presbyterian church in New York. He published "Controversial Theology" (1832); "Doctrine of the Trinity " (1834); " Christianity applied to our Civil and Social Relations" (1835); "Appropriate Sphere of Woman "(1837); " Woman as She Should Be"(1837); "Relation of the Natural Sciences to Revelation" (1839); "Christian Doctrines " (1844); " Intellectual Philosophy" (1851); "Moral Philosophy" (1856); and " The Hidden Life " (1862).