Betiiphage (Heb., place of unripe figs), a place of Scriptural interest which has passed away, leaving no trace behind. It must have been situated somewhere on the E. slope of the range of hills extending N. and S. between Jerusalem and Bethany. By Eusebius and Jerome, and also by Origen, the place was known, though its position is not indicated; they describe it as a village of priests, possibly deriving the name from Beth-phake, signifying in Syriuc the house of the jaw, as that part in the sacrifices was the portion of the priests. Schwarz places Bethphage on the S. shoulder of the mount of Offence above Siloam; and Dr. Barclay ("City of the Great King") identifies it with traces of foundations and cisterns in that vicinity, that is, S. W. of Bethany.


Betuesda (Heb., place of mercy or place of effusion), the name of a pool or fountain which, according to Scripture, was situated near the sheep gate of Jerusalem, and had porches or resting places around it for the sick. (See Jekusalem).


Betwah, a river of Hindostan, which rises in the Vindhya mountains, near Bhopaul, and flows nearly 340 in. mostly in a N. E. direction, finally joining the Jumna about 30 m. E. S. E. of Calpee. In a portion of its course are beds of iron ore. It is not navigable.

Beukels, Or Benkelszoon, Willera

Beukels, Or Benkelszoon, Willera, a Dutch fisherman, born at Biervliet in 1397, died there in 1449. He is celebrated as being the first who succeeded in preserving herrings, an art which has proved of such great importance to his country that Oharlea V. had a statue erected to his memory. The etymology of the word pickle has been traced to his name.


Beuthen, the name of two towns of Prussia, in the province of Silesia. I. Beuthen in Upper Silesia, or Oberbeuthen, in the district of Oppeln, is situated on the Klodnitz, 50 m. S. E. of Oppeln; pop. in 1871, 17,946, having increased during the last ten years with great rapidity. The town has manufactures of cloth and linen, and near it are iron and lead mines. It is the chief place of the possessions of Count Henckel of Donnersmark. II. Benthen on the Oder, or Niederbeuthen, in the district of Liegnitz, situated on the Oder, 66 m. N. W. of Breslau; pop. in 1871, 3,826. It is the capital of the former principality of Carolath-Beuthen.


Beveren, a borough of Belgium, in the province of East Flanders, 6 m. W. of Antwerp; pop. in 1866, 7,151. It has manufactures of lace, linen, cotton, and of wooden shoes.


Beverly, a post town of Essex co., Mass., on an arm of the sea, opposite Salem, with which it is united by a bridge, and 16 m. N. N. E. of Boston, on the Eastern railroad; pop. in 1870, 6,507. It contains a bank, a weekly newspaper, an insurance office, an academy, and manufactures boots and shoes, etc. Two vessels, with an aggregate tonnage of 220, are employed in the whale fishery; 24, of 2,500 tons, in the cod and mackerel fishery; and 5, of 1,000 tons, in the coastwise trade.